Breaking News: Shooting at Voorhies Ave & East 18 St

This is an update of our earlier post:
Police have confirmed that someone has been fatally shot in front of 1721 Voorhies (corner of East 18 Street).

The victim is believed to be of Pakistani descent and known to residents who lived nearby. People who knew the victim were being interviewed and they could be heard giving information that might indicate that this may not have been a random shooting. We will try to bring you updates as soon as more information is known.

According to the Gothamist, the incident occurred around 2 a.m. The evidence was strewn onto East 17 St and on Voorhies Avenue, prompting investigators to close the streets off for four and half hours. By 6 a.m., evidence collectors could be seen picking up various personal items belonging to the victim, including a set of keys.

1010 WINS has the name of the victim listed as Tamiz Din.

The Daily News has posted some additional information about this tragic case.

Here is our original post:

There has been a shooting early this morning on Voorhies Avenue and East 18 Street.

Someone working at a store two blocks away told us that he heard three shots, with the police showing up just minutes later. The same person also said that the emergency responders told him the victim was of either Mediterranean or Middle Eastern descent and had a Bronx address on his drivers’ license.

We will tell you more about the victim’s status, once we have the information confirmed.