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BREAKING: Midwood Blaze Claims Child’s Life


We just received the following report from a reader, along with cell phone photos:

A Queen Anne fire on Avenue P and East 12th…a huge three story house, Orthodox family, kids were trapped on the third floor, at least one was DOA, another is not expected to survive.

Took them about an hour to get the blaze under control. At least a dozen fire trucks and ambulances blocked off Coney Island Avenue and Avenue P.

Associated Press is reporting the following:

New York City fire officials say six people, including two children, are in critical condition after a fire broke out in a home in Brooklyn.

A fire department spokesman say the blaze in a two-family, three-story home on Avenue P was brought under control just before 11 p.m. Wednesday.

He says two children were taken to Coney Island Hospital. Their ages were not immediately known. The four adults were taken to Staten Island University Hospital’s Burn Center. All were listed in critical condition.

The cause of the fire, which started on the third floor, was unknown. No other injuries were reported.

Our prayers go out to the family, and we hope our tipster is mistaken and not the AP.

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  1. This is an insanely sad story to wake up to. Unfortunatly, the report I heard this morning also mentioned one cassualty. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  2. My bad. Someone linked them to me. I heard hebrew being spoken and assumed it was the same one. I guess Avenue P is plagued with fires left and right.

  3. It does seem that way. When I was searching for videos on YouTube, I got far too many results for fires in Midwood or Avenue P (and then, bc I was curious, other aves in the orthodox area). It would be interesting to look at rates compared to other nabes and compare. Seems like the religious institutions should be doing a better job educating people on how to maintain lighted candles in a safer manner.

  4. It’s the sacramental candles. Go visit the burn unit on Staten Island. Friday night it fills with lots of little Jewish kids who are burned by touching or playing with the sabbath candles.

  5. @brooklynq

    Totally agree. Yet this pushy women in stores like ShopRite, Waldbaums etc keep on trying to push those damn candles and claiming they are completely safe. Read my lips :”They are NOT safe”, why do Orthodox Jews keep on isisting lighting the real candles when perfectly great alternatives are available? How many kids need to die for them to realize that candles are danger especially in houses where there are tons of people such as Orthodox families – tons of clothing and other flammable items, plush toys, religious books. Damn, when do people stop putting the faith first and human life second?


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