BREAKING: Man Shoots Himself While Being Evicted

Mike Salvatore (image from

[UPDATE 9/8/11] According to the comments left below, as well as a Facebook page belonging to Michael Maximus Salvatore, it appears that Mike Salvatore passed away sometime yesterday, while at Lutheran Medical Center. Several friends have left RIP messages for Salvatore on his Facebook page.

Original post:

According to Brooklyn Daily, a 71st Street man is in stable condition after shooting  shot himself in the head at point blank range on Wednesday.

The man, who is being identified as Mike Salvatore, attempted to take his own life as city marshals pounded on his door, trying to evict him from his apartment.

From Brooklyn Daily:

Police say that Mike Salvatore had not paid the rent on his 71st Street apartment near 20th Avenue for the last 18 months. When marshals showed up just before 9 am to get him out, he tried to take his own life.
“The Marshalls were outside when they heard a shot,” an NYPD spokesman explained. “They gained entry and found the victim with a gunshot wound to his head.”

Salvatore was brought to Lutheran Medical Center, where he is listed in stable condition.

Neighbors told reporters that Salvatore was unemployed, and had lived on 71st Street near 20th Avenue for “more than three years.”

The two sisters who own the building were sitting in a car outside when the the gunshot rang out.

Roni Black, one of the landlords, told the media that she had taken Salvatore to court “at least five times” over the past 18 months, as the pair tried to get him to pay back rent or leave.