BREAKING: Levi Aron Speaks To Press, Doesn’t Apologize

Leiby Kletzky (image by Julia Xanthos for Daily News)

This morning’s Daily News contains an interview with confessed killer Levi Aron.

During the interview, Aron told the News’ Reuven Blau that he has difficulty speaking about the day he killed and dismembered Leiby Kletzky, an 8-year-old Borough Park boy who asked Aron for help after getting lost on the way to meet his parents.

From the News:

“It hurts too much to think about,” the accused Butcher of Borough Park said in an exclusive Daily News interview – his first with any news organization since the July 11, murder that sickened the city.
“I don’t know what happenned,” Aron said. I just panicked.
Asked repeatedly if he wanted to apologize, the confessed child killer kept looking away and remained silent. At one point, he nodded his head but would not say he was sorry.

According to the article, Aron, wearing a “wrinkled gray jumpsuit,” appeared apathetic and sluggish during his hour with reporters at Rikers Island.

The News did not indicate whether Aron had been administered depressants or anti-psychotic medication, which is common in New York’s correctional facilities.

The defendant recounted trying to get Kletzky to come into the Rockland County wedding he brought the boy along to, but said he refused and stayed in the car. Blau speculates in the piece that, had the boy been seen at the event, he might still be alive today.

Aron affirmed during the interview that he did hear voices. Consistent with released psychiatric exam results, Aron spoke freely about ordinary topics but grew tense and quiet when asked about his crimes.

When asked by the News if he wishes he had never met Leiby Kletzky, Aron replied, “Sometimes.”


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