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BREAKING: Fire At 2775 East 12th Street


We just received word that there is a fire burning on Guider Avenue and East 12th Street.

Tipster Ian Sellick just sent over this email…

At least a dozen fire trucks, Guider Ave, E 12th closed, residents evacuated. Major incident center set up.

That’s all we have right now and we’re heading over to the scene.  Updates to come.

UPDATE: 8:17 PM: Sources tell Sheepshead Bites that a fire broke out in the electrical room in the basement of 2775 East 12th Street at approximately 6:30 pm today. At this time we don’t have confirmation that the fire has been put out or is under control.

Residents first became aware of the fire when lights began to flicker and electric appliances shut down. This was followed by the shut down of cable TV. Residents then noticed that the lighting in the hallways and public areas were off.  Then remaining lights in the apartment building shut down in what appeared to an orderly fashion.

One resident told Sheepshead Bites that she was returning from work and was stuck in an elevator for over 20 minutes until she was rescued by fire fighters.  No one has been injured in the fire.

The building has been completely evacuated and the American Red Cross has setup  an emergency shelter at Bay Academy.  Residents may bring pets to the shelter, only if they are in a cage.  The Red Cross told residents that they will not be able to re-enter the building tonight.

East 12 Street is closed from the bridge to Neptune Avenue and many surrounding streets are closed to vehicular traffic as well.

2775 East 12th Street is a seven story building with 29 units per floor.

We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: 8:36 PM: Tipster Ian Sellick just made his on the scene photos available on Flickr. You can check out all of Ian’s photos HERE.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. Anyone know what those ppl are doing that 3rd photo?

    I just came from there, after getting my Grandmother they were still not letting people in.

    How do we find out when it’s ok to go back to her house?

  2. 1) I am not sure sure exactly who you are referring to. The firefighter in the background is emptying out any remaining water from a hose so he can put it away back on the vehicle. In the foreground, those are the Incident Commanders who have set up an Incident Command Post.

    2) Go to the American Red Cross reception center set up at the Bay Academy, and they will help your grandmother out and let everyone know when they can return back to their apartments.

  3. Hey,
    I am a resident of this building, staying with family. Does anyone know what number to call to find out the status of the building? I know the management company is “kings and queens”, but their only available number online is their leasing office.

  4. good morning i am one of the red cross responders that was at the scene i suggest that you call your management office to get what ever information u may need regarding re entry to the apartment

  5. Thank you for you reply. However, this is exactly wgat I am asking, which actual number to call, the only one I have is their “leasing office”, which is closed on Sunday. Do you know the emergency number for this managent?

    Thank you

  6. If you can get there, don’t they own 1802 Ocean Parkway? If you can get someone to check the side of the building (I used to live in it), and confirm that, go and talk to the super there, he’d know.  First apartment on the left as you walk in through the front.  IF the sign on the side of the building (the Ave. R side or whatever street that is) is indeed still for Kings and Queens.

  7. I live in the connecting building. & I can not agree with you more. There would not have been a fire if the building had any type of maintenance. & lefrak died & left the buildings to his children. When he was alive the buildings were great. Now that his money hungry kids are suing each other they don’t care to take care of business.

  8. i hope they dont think about collecting march rent from us for what they did to us last night in that freezeing cold.

  9. i lived here 4 30 years n these building always sucked nothing is ever fixed. and when they do fix things they r so cheap that  it brakes a week later

  10. I lived in this building from birth till about three and then moved over to the other side of the Belt into a non-Lefrak building. My grandparents lived in the adjacent building (the Hollywood – this building is the Bel Air). During my grandfather’s final years, both buildings started to fall apart. I hadn’t kept up with the times, but I still walk by now and then and it hasn’t been looking good. Too bad.

    Also, I hope this doesn’t get deleted, but I am pretty sure that someone who commented on this was someone who bullied me in school…so this whole page is like a sick stroll down memory lane. Yikes.

  11. no need to thank me this is what we do at the red cross im just glad no one was seriously hurt in this incident.  

  12. Thank you for posting this information this is so helpful! Apparently they are turning the lights on in order of your apartment, but not everyone is guaranteed to be allowed into their apartment tonight. The power in the building is restored but not all the wings have power. They are urging everyone to have someone stop by and speak to the super so he can verify if your apartment will have power.


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