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BREAKING: Drug Bust On Avenue Y, East 14th Street


Undercover officers apprehended at least two male individuals for possession of narcotics after a dramatic foot chase.

The chase and arrest occurred at approximately 5:45 p.m. today on East 14th Street and Avenue Y.

A witness at the scene, Dan Allen, a reporter who has also contributed to Sheepshead Bites, was at the Sheepshead Bay Chabad helping build a sukkah when a young male ran past the location. He was being chased by an undercover officer, who caught up to the suspect and took him down with the help of a baton.

Officers also chased and apprehended another young male on a bike.

According to Allen, it appeared the suspect was dropping things as he ran, and he found small bags of a white substance in his wake.

The officers confirmed it was a narcotics-related arrest, but did not elaborate on the specifics of the substance or how the chase began. It’s also unclear if the operation included arrests of other suspects who also gave chase.

Police placed items from the suspects’ pockets on the ground as they searched them.
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