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Breaking: Cops Search For Suspect Around East 15th Street, From Ave W To Ave R

Photo by LostInService

Updates at the bottom of post:

There was a large police presence around East 15th Street and East 16tStreets, from Avenue U down to Gravesend Neck Road, as police apparently pursued a suspect on and around the train tracks.

The commotion broke out at around 11:30 p.m., with helicopters buzzing overhead, assisting officers on the ground with spotlights.

Gravesend Neck Road was closed off by police vehicles, and on Avenue V and East 15th Street, NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit vehicles are on the scene. Units were also canvassing the area.

Reader LostInService called in to tell Sheepshead Bites that officers are searching backyards along East 15th Street.

Gothamist Maps notes that the pursuit caused the power to the tracks to be cut.

It is unclear who police or searching for, or why.

Update (12:22 a.m.): A reader, Lisa, just sent us the following e-mail:

there is a scary police search going on 15th and Neck Rd. Many plain clothes as well. I hope they find who they are looking for. They’ve gone through my garage and yard and behind the houses on the tracks. They have the police chopper searching with a light as well. No news online except that  1010wins radio announced Brooklyn bound Q trains are skipping from Kings Hwy to Brighton Beach. I’m glad I have big dogs on nights like this.

Update (12:34 a.m.): Q train service has resumed with residual delays, according to NotifyNYC. It had previously been running express from Kings Highway to Brighton Beach as a result of the investigation.

Update (12:48 a.m.): As per Randy’s comment below, police have moved up East 15th Street as far as Avenue R.

Update (12:50 a.m.): Facebook reader Maria D. was on the Q train that was stopped. Here’s her description:

I was trapped on this train at neck road. Police helicopters, detectives, cops everywhere. The trapped us inside the train and would not open the doors. They even turned the power off. Must have been in there for over half an hour. Awful

Update (3:55 p.m.): NYPD’s 61st Precinct confirmed that it was a search for a suspect involved in a theft. It was a non-violent incident, and the perp is a repeat offender. He was not apprehended, and the precinct declined to provide additional details saying that it is an ongoing investigation.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.


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  1. they chopper was hovering over ave t and e 19th. then going up and down the blocks lighting up the yards up to about ave r

  2. May be unrelated, but there were plain clothes officers on the N/Q platform at Union Square this evening, holding trains, and it appeared as though they were looking for someone. I wonder if this was related.

  3. This suspect was Maxim Lempert (19) a misbehaving adolescent who had run away from a court mandated inpatient drug program, he was spotted by NYPD near the Q train station on Neck Road between east 16th & east 15th. The suspect Maxim Lempert had a stolen laptop in his hand as undercover detectives who know the young thug due to the burglaries and car invasions he has committed in the neighborhood hollered “Max” and Maxim had took off running, hopping the turnstile & entering the tracks. Due to the NYPD’s lack of tactic the criminal teenager managed to evade the NYPD and is now hiding out at a friends house. Whether the teen is wanted for another crime, suspected of illegal activity or simply had a warrant for his arrest he is still on the loose.

  4. There helicopters were over my block about 1/2 hour with the spot lights on.  In the back yards of East 17th street also, flashing there lights. I said to myself there is another nut on the loose in the neighborhood. I also heard it on 1010winns. This is terrible happens a little to often lately.

  5. Yes at 12:10am they mentioned due to police activaty at the Neck Road station the Q trains are running express from Kings Highway to Sheepshead Bay. That’s all they said. It was during traffic, transit and the weather.

  6. I agree with Kevin L, a runaway would not warrent such a search. Who were they REALLY looking for with pulled guns searching the backs of houses. There were at least 20 cops, plain and uniformed looking for someone and the helicopter flashing the lights at all the houses and yards so late at night for a “petty theft-runaway from rehab?” YEAH RIGHT!

  7. no it was a runaway from rehab, he did not want to go back. and i know because thats my friend. the laptop was not stolen, he had found it in the garbage it was not working.. he dropped the laptop so it wouldnt slow him down. i know this because hes my friend.


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