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BREAKING: Cop Car Slammed Into Light Pole


UPDATE: Here’s a more detailed description that comes via e-mail from reader PR, who lives near the intersection:

So here’s what happened: we hear two big bangs a second apart. Run to the window and see a police car in a light pole on Ocean Avenue and Avenue Y. Note, we didn’t hear any sirens before the bangs.

When we came out we saw that it was actually a red Audi that T-boned the police car, thus making him crash into the pole.

The cop most likely got hurt. All the airbags went off on both cars (side and front). Cop was taken away on a stretcher. Audi driver was a woman.

Police response time was incredible. Under 2 minutes. 30 mins later there are still police cars, fire trucks, etc, coming to the scene.

Original story (7:21 p.m.):

We just got word that an NYPD Lumina patrol car rammed a telephone pole after being T-boned by an Audi SUV. The accident occurred on Ocean Avenue and Avenue Y. It appears the officer may have been injured and a witness is reporting that he was taken away be stretcher. No word yet on the extent of his injuries, or that of the driver/passengers of the Audi. We’ll let you know as we find out more.

In a possibly related development, we just heard that the Belt Parkway has been shut down between Cropsey Avenue and Knapp Street. It could be to assist the ambulance in getting to the hospital faster, or may be totally unrelated (a motorcade was suggested).

Here are more photos from the reader:

~30 seconds after the accident

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  1. well, not enough details at all here, but here's the rats take on it.

    if the cop sped through a red light and wasnt on a job to help someone in need and just trying to get to a dunkin donuts faster…. good riddance, i wish every cop running lights, driving down one way streets the wrong way, not using their blinkers, having their headlights turned off, parked in the middle of the street, speeding and pretty much any offense should get T-boned out of existence.

    BUT if he was using his siren and was actually trying to go somewhere, all i can say is that this is a horrible accident and i bet the driver of the audi was jewish. not that this means anything, im just gonna bet on it 😀

  2. Snap, I happen to live sandwiched in that 10 block stretch of ave Y between ocean ave. (where this happened) and nostrand ave (where that car fire happened the other day). Bad automotive juju.

  3. People who live nearby say there were no sirens heard. I hope the police officer and the Audi driver are going to be ok. I also hope the NYPD will take the high road and do a proper investigation and listen to the witnesses.

  4. I was 10 feet away when this happened, I was watching the cop car as it was crossing the red light WITH THE SIRENS ON VERY LOUD, but they were actually crossing very slowly. My observation was that the Audi driver probably didn't have eyes on road for at least 2 seconds and didn't hear the sirens due to something else. If you weren't there, please don't post rumors.

  5. I think we hear sirens so often, if you are in an apartment nearby, or a block or two away your brain might not register them. But if you are right there, either in a car or walking you would hear them. Thanks for the update.

  6. I know. I have some friends that are NYPD and I know how hard they work and what good people they are. Anyone who wishes bad on them can't be a nice person. Maybe had a few run ins with the law.

  7. Did it ever occur to you that the liking of the article was to show that someone liked the quality of reporting and the coverage, as opposed to what happened to the cop?

  8. My anger was directed at Nick the Rat, I replied to his comment, and the people who liked his comment, a slur on cops and Jews.

    If you like the coverage, you press the thumbs-up button at the end of the article.

  9. Yes, I was referring to the article because it had 2 likes. I didn't notice
    his comment also had two likes. However, if the Cop WAS abusing his powers
    and running reads for no reason…well…the consequences speak for
    themselves. I doubt we'll ever know the truth. It's gonna be
    neatly buried behind the blue line.

    It's always horrible when anyone gets hurt in an accident, regardless of

  10. i made no slur on jews. i was simply making a random gamble about the victim being completely fucked by a shithead cop that thinks getting somewhere fast and disregarding safety is ok. i will also predict it was a male who was 38 driving the mini van. oh and he probably just had pizza as well.. cops think they are untouchable, so when they get tboned for doing stupid shit i smile.

  11. 5 people liked it now 😀 if the cop followed procedure like a commenter below said he did, than i feel bad for all sides. if the cop wasn't on call to get somewhere fast i can only wish the worse on him. will we ever find out? id guess no, but ned has surprised me before with his investigating journalism!

  12. nick its people like u cops are looking for, how do u even have a computer you must not have a job if u hate cops so much people with jobs have really nothing bad to say about them like myself, Because like yourself i dont hang out like a hoodrat on the streets to give the cops a reason to stop me,,,, “”get a job u mutt””!!! and dont call 911 for help when you need it RAT


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