BREAKING: Cop Car Slammed Into Light Pole

UPDATE: Here’s a more detailed description that comes via e-mail from reader PR, who lives near the intersection:

So here’s what happened: we hear two big bangs a second apart. Run to the window and see a police car in a light pole on Ocean Avenue and Avenue Y. Note, we didn’t hear any sirens before the bangs.
When we came out we saw that it was actually a red Audi that T-boned the police car, thus making him crash into the pole.
The cop most likely got hurt. All the airbags went off on both cars (side and front). Cop was taken away on a stretcher. Audi driver was a woman.
Police response time was incredible. Under 2 minutes. 30 mins later there are still police cars, fire trucks, etc, coming to the scene.

Original story (7:21 p.m.):

We just got word that an NYPD Lumina patrol car rammed a telephone pole after being T-boned by an Audi SUV. The accident occurred on Ocean Avenue and Avenue Y. It appears the officer may have been injured and a witness is reporting that he was taken away be stretcher. No word yet on the extent of his injuries, or that of the driver/passengers of the Audi. We’ll let you know as we find out more.

In a possibly related development, we just heard that the Belt Parkway has been shut down between Cropsey Avenue and Knapp Street. It could be to assist the ambulance in getting to the hospital faster, or may be totally unrelated (a motorcade was suggested).

Here are more photos from the reader:

~30 seconds after the accident


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