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BREAKING: Car Slams Into Trio Pizzeria Building On Avenue U

Photo by Alex S.
Photo by Alex S.

It’s been a bad day on Avenue U. Shortly after police reopened the roadway following an accident on Ocean Avenue near Avenue U, another car lost control and slammed into the building at 1907 Avenue U, just narrowly missing the busy storefront of Trio Ristorante Pizza and Grill.

The incident happened at approximately 4:45 p.m.

The section of sidewalk has been closed off with police tape.

It’s still unclear if anyone was injured, as is how the driver lost control.

Just two hours earlier, another driver lost control one block away, slamming into a parked car being loaded up with groceries, injuring that car’s owner.

The accident at Trio’s brought back memories of the 2006 incident, in which a woman lost control of her SUV and plowed into the same storefront. That accident severely wounded a deliveryman, who was pinned to the counter and saw his right leg crushed. A 71-year-old pedestrian was also injured in that accident.

Photo by Laura S.
Photo by Laura S.
Photo by Laura S.
Photo by Laura S.
Photo by Randy C.
Photo by Randy C.
Photo by Randy C.
Photo by Randy C.
Photo by Randy C.
Photo by Randy C.

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  1. Check the Blood Alchohol level of this driver and the one in the previous story. Also, I believe that witnesses should be questioned as well, whether the driver was speeding, texting, talking on the cell phone or playing the radio too loud. Reckless edangerment chargews should be filed. That is how are crime rate is lower, criminals decide to drive into buildings, as a weapon, instead of using knives or guns. Someone talked today about a car being a weapon, I definetly think that these two incidents could be purposeful.

  2. Everything you say is with validation. The use of any device when combined with a vehicular accident should be seen as a possible fatality.
    The cell phones should be grabbed by the first witness on the scene. Record history is always available.

  3. What’s going on in this area? Why so many freak car accidents? Where are the cops to ticket these idiots?

  4. These Russian and Arab punks are stoners and criiminals, worse than the 60 people. The first week week the crime numbers fell all year in the area commanded by the 61st precinct, is when these punks find new ways to cause crime, including purpusefully creating car accidents. If you caused property damage or inflicted bodily harm or did something illegal with a vechicle, you should then be charged with vechicular assault or defacing property. While you are in a commission of a vechicular offense, you should realize that that offense may cause injury to either a human being or property.

  5. Have you read lately how
    drunken pig shot his partner in the hand….and that same pig drove drunk his
    partner to a hospital….judge let him go without any bail and he is assign to
    a desk duty unless something has change since….you people not looking in the right direction. I am not saying
    bad drivers should not be punish but lets not forget scumbags pigs are above
    the law and corrupt meanwhile you all here want to punish everyday people more
    harshly then their deserve. Its funny how many cop lovers here meanwhile pigs
    are the biggest criminal out there.

  6. Always race and nationality needs to be brought up.
    Gary you are the problem in this community, you bigoted f*ck

  7. You folks got it all wrong. They are not DWI. They are simply self-absorbed ‘executives in a hurry’. I use the B3 and without fail I witness two or three U turns made on Ave U each time I am in the bus shelter. I am careful to not stand too close to the curb, anticipating some nitwit accelerating onto the curb instead of braking. Unlike some of you readers, I am unable to conduct Race or National Origin checks, but I would love to see the NYPD set up a fixed post on Avenue U just to write these illegal U-turners a nice ticket. In any case, keep asking questions.

  8. Try driving in Florida for the thrill of a lifetime. It’s damn scary down there as the seniors hold onto their driving licenses and cars, especially since public transit is poor to non-existent.


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