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BREAKING: Car Flips On Avenue V, East 14th Street


The buffs at NYScanner just tweeted out the above photo of a car collision on Avenue V and East 14th Street, which caused one of the vehicles to flip onto its roof.

The accident appears to have happened just minutes ago, and EMS units are on scene reporting that there are two people pinned at the location.

UPDATE (2:52 p.m.): The two people pinned have been successfully extricated. The extent of their injuries is not known. Emergency Service Units have arrived to right the car so it can be towed.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. This neighborhood has the worst drivers.
    I just got back form a 40 mile round trip to Long Island on my bicycle.
    A beautiful ride with no one buzzing me until i get back to Emmons Ave. where someone in an SUV makes a u-turn and and almost kills me.

  2. Are cars more top-heavy these days, or is the force of gravity diminiishing, perhaps as a result of, or a co-factor with, global warming? This should be investigated immediately.

  3. Hope everyone is OK. I would love to know the details of what caused that car to flip. My guess would be a high rate of speed on someone’s part.

  4. Exactly 1 hour before this accident occurred at this exact spot I was biking east and some asshole in a black acura decided to buzz past me within inches and then proceeded to run all the red lights until Ocean Ave. Drivers around here are second only to Prospect/Crown heights in terms of dangerous driving.

  5. You want a medal? Congrats you can pedal a bike. Good job. Can’t stand the elite cycling set. I highly doubt anyone involved in this crash woke up this morning with the intention of getting into an accident. But then again, I’ve seen the fools over at streetblog. You are so anti-car/truck and anything that runs on gas it won’t matter what anyone says.

  6. So in your world all automobile drivers that think bikes shouldn’t be on the roads, (FTR they shouldn’t be. They belong in parks.) are overweight. Brilliant.

  7. First, that is terrible and luckily you were not hit. Now, that being said, the driver must have seen what cyclist do all over the city on a daily basis and figured, if they can get away with it, why the hell can’t I? And while I personally don’t agree with that rationale, you can bet there are plenty of people that witness cyclist breaking the law on a daily basis that are going to be bold enough to experiment with that logic. Drivers are fed up with what is being done to the roads under the emperor and the bicycle lady.

  8. @ guest
    you are absolutely right, car owners have to pay in every way possible starting
    from registration fees, gas taxes and etc….and drivers get punish by damn bike
    lanes and bus lanes which generate money for a city. After awhile all these
    becomes a norm…City by all means tries very hard to narrow roads in order to
    make drivers experience more stressful and dangerous

  9. ye gtfo and go on the sidewalk, where officer paul blart stops you to give you a summons. Lose some weight fat shit

  10. relax hater, most of us use our bikes to workout…. you should try it. i’m pretty sure you are the type the sits on the stationary bike for hours in ballys and wonder why am i not losing any weight

  11. That’s your rationale for bikers breaking the law? Pretty weak, pretty pathetic. You guys run the lights far more than cars, and if you hit me, I’m badly hurt. Just by your comment, it’s evident, you see nothing wrong with running the light.

    There’s too many nuts on the road, people that run red lights, both 2 and 4 wheels. And they both argue against enforcement of the law, what does that tell you.

  12. What bothers me, it’s no longer just asses. Seems like the average joe is a reckless driver/cyclist. I can handle it if its just asses, but it’s not.

  13. thats what happenes when you give hasidic jews a driver lisence they do things like thus just saying.. im jewish and im shocked how they are allowed behind the wheel

  14. people on bikes are idiots half of you ride your bikes in the middle of the street not giving a shit if theres cars behind you …. and i do agree some people driving cars are morons and shouldnt be behind the wheels they dont pay attention and dont have common courtsey i used to ride my bike and the stupidty i seen in the streets blows my mind

  15. It’s a valid rationale. The NYPD does not enforce jaywalking because it doesn’t post a credible threat to public safety, even if it’s still illegal. The same argument is valid when applied to bicycles because the danger associated with them is identical to a pedestrian jaywalking. Cars do pose a credible threat and there are plenty more numbers to prove that as evidenced by sheepsheadbites’ own catalog of car accident posts.

    Cyclists have statistics as a reason against enforcement, motorists do not, especially when they have transportation infrastructure that favors them over pedestrians and cyclists which they choose to disrespect.

  16. Psychosis, you too should relax. It seems to me there are mostly two types of people when it comes to this heated topic of cars/bikes – those who despise drivers and those who despise bikers. I believe the word “bigots” is most appropriate here. Anyway, these people (including you Psychosis), could never come to the simple conclusion that there are plenty of asshole drivers and bikers alike. No, of course, it’s always the other “group” who is to blame.

    By the way, I go to the gym twice a day and I have lost about 45 lbs (via proper nutrition and exercise), all without having to bike on the same roads that cars use, so you can skip the weight loss advice. I should also mention that I love to bike, but I wouldn’t be caught dead on these so called “bike lanes”, a great example of which is Bedford Avenue.

  17. looks like you haven’t been doored yet ….. then you will understand why they ride closer to the middle.

  18. my car was parked on avenue v and east 14 street when the accident occured. I am very glad to report my car was not struck by the two mopes driving or flying debris. I did not lots of broken car parts all around that intersection, the flotsam and jetsum of poor driving habits and non-driving skills. And congrats to the baseball Giants for sweeping Los Tigres.


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