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BREAKING: Brazen Robbery At Kings Plaza’s Michael Matthew’s Jewelers

Michael Matthews Jewelers occupied an interior corner location on the second floor of Kings Plaza mall.
Michael Matthews Jewelers occupied an interior corner location on the second floor of Kings Plaza mall.

Ocean’s Eleven this ain’t.

Two brazen thieves pulled off late-morning jewelry heist in one of Brooklyn’s busiest malls today, making off with a sack full of jewelry and setting cops on the hunt.

A man approached Michael Matthew’s Jewelers (5100 Kings Plaza Mall) on the second floor of Kings Plaza at approximately 10:25 a.m. He pulled out a hammer and bashed open the display case in front of the store’s owner, grabbing the merchandise.

The thief then fled towards the East 55th Street entrance of mall, with the owner and a good Samaritan in hot pursuit. As they approached the doors, the perp swung around and flashed a gun, a police source told Sheepshead Bites.

He then made it through the doors, where he met a second accomplice. The two high-tailed it to the parking deck, where they fled in a white minivan.

Police have not yet made an arrest, and are still pursuing the suspects. No description was available from authorities.

Cops and the store’s owners are still calculating the value of the stolen merchandise.

The store owner suffered minor injuries to his hand from the broken glass. No one else was harmed.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.


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  1. There’s gotta be a piece we are missing to all this right? Kings Plaza… the one with cameras every 2 feet? These guys are either incredibly stupid or have an incredibly smart plan that I am missing. Really hope there is a follow up and that this doesn’t get lost in the pile of stories with no conclusion.

  2. Your comment makes no sense. What makes you think something is missing? Not that there isn’t, just wondering how you came up with that. Yes Kings Plaza has cameras and yes someone did still steal something while being recorded on camera.

  3. Whats missing is either:
    a) The incredibly smart plan which allows them to get away and not be tracked down from video footage
    b) The brains and/or common sense of the robbers

    All I hope for is some sort of conclusion to this so we can determine which it is that was missing.

  4. cameras cant grab a person… they can see who did it but how does a camera actually stop anything…

    and once they get out of the mall… this aint london…

  5. Dear Mr. Resident…Don’t read too much into this smash and grab robbery. Many people in law enforcement will privately tell you that cameras (known as cctv in the UK) is oversold as a crime fighting tool. A camera has never stopped a crime or caught a crook, but may be very useful in apprehension. Now that Raymond “I AM A CAMERA” Kelly is gone, hopefully expect to see less of our tax dollars spent on Cameras and more on real police work.

  6. I think the important question is why our youth are forced to steal in the first place. It’s due to a lack of jobs and opportunity; the man who committed this criminal act is himself a victim of society. Guy probably has kids to feed, and rent to pay. If he’s caught hopefully he can be rehabilitated and put in contact with someone that can help him find a job, so he isn’t forced to steal.

  7. Puh.leez. You’re kidding, right? The only victim is the store owner.

    If you want these folks to be rehab-ed into a job– YOU rehab n hire them.
    It’s hard enough, even without an arrest record, to get a good job. At best, this a jobless recovery– & saying “recovery” is a stretch.

    Advocating for jobs training is a good thing; condoning theft and armed robbery is another matter.

    Incentivizing education, encouraging work effort, and supporting families are some key efforts to help turn this around. Making excuses for illegal activities provides no disincentives. Living in a society where armed ‘smash and grab’ criminals roam freely… is problematic, to put it mildly.

    I’m just glad no one was hurt this time.

  8. i worked in the mall many years ago… there are PLENTY of ways out of that mall… public of in the back hallways….

  9. Criminals are victims of their own ills. If we had universal health-care, and more socialism then people wouldn’t have to steal to survive. Theft isn’t necessarily wrong. Someone stealing some bread to feed their children isn’t always a bad person. We need more information on the situation. Also, we need to keep in mind that the criminal justice system should be about rehabilitation and not punishment.

  10. Sad but true…The once great Mill Basin and Flatlands areas are now decimated by savage and feral N1GGERS….Yep its the blunt and honest truth N1GGERSRUINEDIT like they ruin every place they go!!!

  11. Honest truth, and it’s sad…. You’re an ignorant racist. Odds are on that you’re probably proud of it too. More blunt truth : It’s amazing that you know how to work the internet.
    Go back into the closet. Close the door from the inside. Stay there. The world will be a nicer place that way.

  12. Morris, Perhaps you should make the first step. Why do not you donate your money house or apartment to these “victims”.

  13. I always found this an extremely selfish attitude. As long as it doesn’t affect you, you can sound grand and nice. As soon as it’s your wife or kid that’s a victim, watch the attitude change, pal. An amazing transformation will occur.

  14. Notice no criticism of “rhetoric” from the liberal readers and writers of this blog. I guess the definition of the word “rhetoric” involves the words “conservative” or “right wing” here.

  15. My colleagues in the vast liberal conspiracy group: Bruce is onto us and our monolithic hive mind! NO!!!!

    Or maybe the issue is that you’re being trolled by some douche and you don’t realize it, and I’m busy writing about people getting killed by errant snow plows to be giving a damn about this putz.

  16. The last time that almost happened , the thieves tried to stuff a sawed off shotgun up one of there arms, blowing away one thieves hand and the other’s foot. Police and EMS responded to Avenue U between 52nd and 53rd streets aiding both and formally arresting the idiots when the sawed off shotgun was located along the curb of the center divider. That mall should have collapsed 30 years ago. Brooklyn would have been a better place.

  17. I don’t disagree. In fact, I agree with everything you said. Just like the random TSA checkpoint I had to go through this morning at the Grand Central subway stop does far less for our safety than the inconvenience and loss of privacy it creates (not to mention the money spent), I would never claim that constantly having an eye on the public is the way to stop crime. Nor would I say that having a camera is any sort of replacement for real police work. Most importantly, I would never say that our police force should be constantly surveilling the very citizens it claims to protect using their own tax money. None of these are the claims I am making. I’m not sure how these arguments are coming up and where the comparison to CCTV in the UK comes in, when the cameras in question are on private property, placed there by the owner of the property.

    That said, I don’t think there is an argument to be made against the fact that if the NYPD has an image of you that can be shared with the public, it would be a stupid move to put your entire life and freedom on the line with nothing more than the NYPD’s incompetence, laziness, and inability to do real police work as your plan. The ONLY point I was trying to make is that whoever stole this jewelry either has a good plan, or is stupid not to. Not sure how this suddenly turned me into a pro-mass surveillance nutcase.

  18. I’m surprised that crime ridden “scum pit” Kings Plaza isn’t long gone by now. Kings Plaza is irrelevant for today’s times


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