Breakers Condo Agent Misleads With Fantasy Marina

The management company responsible for The Breakers condominium development only just started the uncertain process to construct a private marina, but they’ve been marketing the fantasy slips for nearly a year.

Wilk Real Estate, which represents The Breakers at 3128 Emmons Avenue, posted the above YouTube video in October 2009. The problem is that they hadn’t yet started the complex approval process to have it constructed, raising the question of whether or not they’ve been misleading residents.

The translation of the video is as follows:

Wilk Real Estate is offering a super-exclusive condo complex on the ocean shore with a private promenade, in the most prestigious area of Brooklyn on Emmons Avenue.  One-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, luxurious penthouses, your own private marina for docking yachts, parking, swimming pool, gym, garage – this is life at the highest level and maximum comfort.

Similarly, in marketing copy on their website, they claim, “There will also be a marina in the near future!

But Emmons Avenue LLC, the registered development company, received its notice of completed application from the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation on June 7, 2010. The department, along with the Army Corps of Engineers, still needs to review the impact of the private marina’s construction, leaving the proposal up in the air.

In fact, the marina may never be built.

As we noted yesterday, a number of community groups and Community Board 15 are opposing the construction of a private marina at that location. Opposition to a similar project at La Mer Villas stopped construction before it even began.

We don’t know what factors have influenced buyers to close the deal, but condos at The Breakers carry a hefty price tag. In March, a unit sold for nearly $1.3 million. There are currently 10 active listings on Street Easy, ranging in price from $377,000 for a one-bedroom to more than $1 million for a two-bedroom. The median price is $611,150.

So has Wilk Real Estate and Emmons Avenue LLC been swindling buyers with false promises?

Special thanks to Lev P., Alex E. and Marina M. for translating the video.