Brannan Secures Funding To Start 3rd Ave. BID

Photo: The Brannan Campaign

BAY RIDGE — City Councilman Justin Brannan announced on Friday funding for a new 3rd Avenue Business Improvement District (BID).

Brannan will award a $37,000 Neighborhood Development Grant Initiative to the Bay Ridge Merchants of Third Avenue, who for the past decade have voluntarily helped provide a cleaner and safer business corridor. The grant will help businesses along 3rd Avenue compete with other retail districts in Southern Brooklyn.

Initial funding will go directly to developing a Steering Committee who will decide the priorities of the BID. The grant will also fund the first phase of the BID formation including, determining the boundaries of the BID, a retail database, a needs assessment survey and an overall plan for the district.

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“It will always be my priority to support local business and the positive effects that a strong local commerce community can have on our neighborhoods,” Brannan said. “The Merchants already do great work, but a BID will have even more power to benefit local business owners, consumers, and residents.”

To establish a fully operational BID, organizers need about 50% of business and landowners to approve. The board and members will then need to develop bylaws and set fees that go into maintaining the BID.

Sheila Brody has owned and operated a business along 3rd Avenue for the past two decades and welcomes the idea of a more structured business improvement group.

“I think that we’ve lucked out for the past decades where we’ve had a group of volunteers helping retailers with special events and day-to-day operations that make the Avenue what it is,” Brody said.

Grateful for all the work the volunteer-based group has put into the stretch of retail spaces along 3rd Ave., Brody, 43, insists a BID would give more structure and affordability.

“I think it’s necessary,” she added.

A kickoff ceremony will be held on Tuesday at the Greenhouse Cafe on 3rd Ave. at 6:00 p.m. where Bannan will present a ceremonial check to the merchants of Third Avenue and announce the members of the Steering Committee.

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  1. I belong to another BID and other than taking money from my bottom line – I see no improvement to the neighborhood. i know 5th Ave has a BID and I’m not sure what “improvement” has happened. I see many empty stores and restaurants closing, double parking. I see NYPD ignoring the homeless on 3rd Ave, panhandling and sleeping on all the benches. Today at 5 pm they were so bold to pitch a tent on sidewalk in the little triangle park on 3rd Ave and 67th St. They urinate daily on the potted plants in and leave the stench of urine to linger for hours. The NYPD and city agency for the homeless have been called constantly, and unfortunately the NYPD’s hands are tied. The homeless have more rights than storeowners and homeowners. How is a BID going to fix that? NYC Mayor dictates that behavior is ok. Smoking marijuana in public and selling on Shore Road is apparently acceptable. I heard a Nurse Practitioner counsel a patient that smoking marijuana during pregnancy is acceptable – this was at NYU Brooklyn (aka Lutheran). I don’t support a BID until the homeless and drug issues are addressed by leaders. Not one more penny.

  2. the 5th Ave BID is a failure costing $480,000 a year. Everyone I asked is angry they are paying for “nothing”. That is $1200-$1500 per year per property owner. Has ANY business made such PROFIT in the last 2 years – no. So now we are going to be forced to pay from our taxes meaning the government will be the ENFORCER of collecting these monies. Will it address the homeless or drugs – no. we are required to clean the streets or get a summons – why are we now forced to pay Again FOR SERVICES we ALREADY perform and required to do? a BID is a waste of money. I am involved in one in the city and we ALL say its a waste BUT its difficult if not impossible to remove ONCE in place. the 3rd ave merchants has been poorly run for many years collecting less than 30% of the dues required. WHY don’t businesses pay if its so important? If a business does not want to pay, we turn to the landowner and attach it to their property and have it FORCED ON US by the TAX DEPARTMENT – if we can afford it or not. SAY NO TO the 3rd AVE BID.

  3. The meeting last nite made it very clear that the people in charge are absolutely clueless. Perch advisors was asked how much does it cost – they would not answer, YET we were told from our councilman that they are the best and most honest and do this for a living – hence how can they NOT know the approx costs? Its a carefully orchestrated veil of deception to force us down the BID road than spring on us the massive costs when its too late to stop. An attendee was speaking to us on the 5th ave BIDs numbers and that he is involved in a BID – he was shouted down by the company perch and other leaders of the association and called names and had to leave – all the while bob sat by in a daze. It was unfair and kinda shocking that they dont want any other voice to be heard. if these are the people who will be in charge of the bid how can we be sure they wont do the same thing and not listen to us? i and others after the meeting were concerned that we cant speak out and ask questions for fear of being yelled at. we need to hear from all sides not just the people who are pushing for the bid.

  4. We need to fight the BID on 3rd, I just sadly closed shop on third. If they bring that in, it is going to crush everyone. How utterly awful for them to think they need to hire people for services we already pay for! I sweep my storefront & I don’t need a cardboard cut-out of a security guard! I have always avoided those assoc meetings because nothing ever seemed to get accomplished but I think I will email Bob Howe just to offer an opinion on how debilitating that will be.

  5. I find it interesting that 5th ave merchants comment that they are paying though they will get a ticket if they don’t. 20 yrs ago the merchants were out every morning cleaning their sidewalk and street. N O merchant I know in my part of 5th would ever clear their sidewalk, except Gino’s. The BID does it every day. Give me a break. I have never, seen anyone clean their sidewalks. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


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