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Bragg St. Mom Cuffed After 2-Year-Old Son Dies From Beating



Police took a Sheepshead Bay woman into custody on Tuesday after her 2-year-old son died from an apparent beating last week.

The 19-year-old mother has not been identified, but lived on Bragg Street near Avenue V, according to the Daily News.

Her son was rushed to Coney Island Hospital last week, while vomiting and struggling to breathe, the paper reports. Doctors believed the boy had fractured ribs and began preparing for emergency surgery. He died of internal injuries before they could operate.

The hospital notified the city authorities, and police took the mother into custody after the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide, the paper reports. Charges are pending.

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  1. 19 year old and a mother.
    May be wrong.
    But, sounds like she is on welfare and social services.
    Don’t know who the father is.
    Or, the father is in prison.
    Probably has more kids or is pregnant. .
    Probably yells out that she is a tax payer and the police is harassing her because she is black.
    Probably didn’t pay rent and wants tax payers to pay for her for the rest of her life.
    Taking bets that she is black and don’t know who the father is.

  2. These incidents have been in the news in the last couple of day, first one savage with the pit-bull now this mother of the year. Makes you wonder — if these people will do that to their kids what will they do to you and your loved ones if you happened to be in their sights?

  3. It sucks when you log onto to FB and your friends and family are posting the horrid videos of kids getting abused. Their reason being, “I hope they catch the culprit.” Then maybe I think these videos and news reports are all of sudden readily available to help desensitize us all. Its sick.

  4. What do you mean when you say these people. Are they aliens from another planet. What these people. Who live where. Like they are the only ones who do anything wrong. I guess you really don’t read the news. These people are like your people who do the same thing. Yes it is wrong for a Human being to this to their child. But they are not these people. Cause these people can be your people in your own family or friends. Im tired. Of hearing these people those people. Just sick. Yes throw this mother in jail. We are suppose to protect our children. So yes she should rot in hell and jail or jail and hell. But they are not those people.


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