Bowling Alley Bandits Make Out At Maple: 80K Stolen


The New York Post is confirming that two armed thieves walked away with $80,000 from Maple Lanes during a Wednesday afternoon robbery.

“An employee of the bowling alley had just walked out Maple Lanes’ back  door, on 60th Street near 16th Avenue, at about 4 p.m. Wednesday when  the gunmen forced him back inside,” police sources told the Post.  “The thieves hit one worker in the head with the butt of a gun, then  rounded up the four employees in the place, ordered them to lie face  down on the floor, and proceeded to bind their hands with duct tape.”

The money had reportedly been collected as dues on behalf of area bowling leagues. Part of the cash was supposed to go to the winners of a bowling tournament being held later that evening. The perps apparently had some intimate knowledge of the tournament, including when and where funds were to be couriered.

New York Post: Pinheads strike it rich in 80G bowling alley heist