Boulevard Books And Cafe Named Among City’s Best!

It’s not first place, but it’s still up there.

Since we covered it’s first birthday in May, Boulevard Books and Cafe (7518 13th Avenue between 76th Street and Bay Ridge Parkway) has been spotlighted in a New York Daily News as one of the best local book stores in New York City, beaten only by a Midwood-based book store.

Tatiana Nicoli, owner of Boulevard Books and Cafe, gave up a successful law career to meet the needs of Dyker Heights and follow a passion. A native of the neighborhood, she opened up the book store in 2010 with the intention of it being kid-friendly, including stuffed animals in the kid section to accompany the children as they read.

The book shop features a beautiful back garden where adults can sit, relax and read. It also host a numbers of events, from Saturday Storytime to an open mic that usually occurs once a month.

Good job, Boulevard Books and Cafe!