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Borough President Urging Safety Following Second Brooklyn Death By Snow Plow In Two Weeks

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams issued a statement yesterday afternoon urging fellow Brooklynites to “take extra precautions” for their safety. The statement came hours after a second death in Brooklyn to be caused by a snow removal vehicle in just 10 days.

“Today, Brooklyn mourns the passing of Min Lin, who was fatally struck by a snowplow vehicle in Bay Ridge, as well as prays for the health of her newborn child. Death is always a tragic occurrence, and it is heightened here because, just ten days ago, our borough lost Stanislav Chernyshov when a backhoe pushing snow fatally struck him in Brighton Beach,” said Adams. “These incidents underscore the need for motorists, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, to take extra precautions in hazardous weather conditions, such as we have experienced this winter. Additionally, we must further impress the importance of safe driving and operation of snow removal vehicles, which must include proper training for operators.”

Both incidents occurred in Southern Brooklyn, and the vehicles were both privately operated plows clearing snow from private property. In yesterday’s incident, 36-year-old Min Lin, who was pregnant, was hit by a plow clearing the parking lot of Fei Long Market at 6301 8th Avenue. The unborn child survived the accident but is in critical condition at Maimonides Hospital.

On February 3, Stanislav Chernyshov was killed by a CAT vehicle removing snow from the Oceana condominium complex in Brighton Beach.

In another incident on February 5, a man suffered minor injuries after being knocked down on Coney Island Avenue by a wall of snow as a speeding Department of Sanitation snow plow passed – an incident caught on video that went viral. The driver has been disciplined by the agency, according to reports.

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  1. It’s a quote. I can’t change his quote.

    However, it was kind of hilarious watching the television news yesterday (not the story itsel, which is overwhelmingly tragic). The reporters could not figure out where the hell they were. Bay Ridge/Sunset Park/Borough Park kept getting tossed around, and I kept seeing the text under the reporters say Sunset Park while the reporters would say “blah blah blah, from Bay Ridge, back to you in the studio”.

  2. Most of Sunset Park was considered Bay Ridge until the 70s, their Post Office on 7th Avenue is called Bay Ridge and even today if you look for an apartment in Sunset Park on craigslist you see it being called Bay Ridge at times. I’m still confused because a native of Sunset Park told me Sunset Park the 11220 zip code goes up until 67th Street another told me it goes up until 65th Street.


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