Borough Park Mom Chases Pickpocket And Scares Her Into Giving Back Her Cash

Source: The Consumerist via Flickr

Dina Wolhendler, a 24-year-old mom from Borough Park, noticed that her wallet had gone missing while shopping and wasted no time chasing after the burglar to demand her belongings.

On Tuesday afternoon, she was shopping for her daughter in Midtown when she noticed that her things had disappeared. Prior to the incident, she had her bank track all of her purchases and send them to her phone. As she was on her way back to look in her office for the missing cash and cards, she got a message that her card had been used at Urban Outfitters, just a block away.

Instead of reporting the theft to the police, Wolhendler used her instincts and went to the nearby Best Buy, thinking her card may be used there next.

“I just wanted to find my wallet,” said Wolhendler. “I wasn’t thinking about what happened if I found the person (who robbed me).”

After she walked into Best Buy, she noticed a woman making a purchase with a card that looked identical to her own. She also saw the Urban Outfitters shopping bag.

“I tried to grab the card out of her hand,” Woldhendler said. “I followed her to the back of the store screaming ‘Security. Stop her. Stop her.’”

Police then stopped the two women and took in the thief. She was charged with eight counts of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. She has dozens of arrests as far back as 1982, including identify theft.

Wolhendler’s husband was doubly impressed and surprised with his wife’s feat of bravery since normally, she’s afraid of mice.


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