Borough Park Body Shop Blamed For Embellished Bills

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Yesterday, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes indicted a Borough Park body shop for fraudulently inflating customers’ insurance bills.

From CBS:

Hynes said the “Perfect Collision” body shop in Borough Park caused “enhanced  damage” to cars brought into their shop “thereby increasing the profit  margin.”

According to the borough’s lead prosecutor, even the insurer’s policy of paying for accident victims’ car rentals wasn’t safe from the conniving collision shop.

Hynes said the company was even charging Geico for rental cars that were  never requested. The District Attorney said all the case did was jack  up insurance premiums.

Reports indicate that the investigation was spurred by a Geico adjuster who, while at the shop photographing a car, just happened to notice a minivan that he was scheduled to examine the following day.

The adjuster took a few photos of the minivan, which had very minor damage. When he returned the next day, it had “new, extensive damage to the  fender, driver-side door and other areas, according to the indictment.”

The insurer then sent an undercover detective to the body shop with a pre-photographed car, in order to catch them in the act.

CBS- Brooklyn District Attorney: Borough Park Body Shop ‘Perfect Collision’ Inflated Insurance Bills


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