Body Of Verrazano Bridge Jumper Still Not Found

Source: Norbert Nagel via Wikimedia Commons

Just two days after the start of the new year, a man reportedly drove his car onto the Verrazano Bridge, got out and jumped. His body has not yet been recovered, though police have a lead on his possible identity.

The car that was recovered belongs to a Canarsie woman. Her information has not been released. They believe the jumper to be her 24-year-old son.

The mother, however, is in complete denial, according to a source that spoke with the Home Reporter News:

He is my daughter’s boyfriend. She is distraught and does not want to eat or sleep, said the woman, who also lives in Canarsie and wishes to remain anonymous. She added that the man reportedly drove his mother’s car, which is still in police custody.
His mother reported him as a missing person. She is in denial. It’s just so hard to deal with, she explained, adding that he was at her home on New Year’s Eve.

We received an email from an anonymous woman who implored us for answers as to the identity of the man who committed suicide. She said that the family and friends of the presumed jumper have no answers and they feel sad and frustrated.

“Well it’s now almost a week and we still have No news. Did he really jump, where is the body?? So many questions with no answer,” she wrote.

No other updates are available at this time.


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