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Bob Turner Inauguration Marred By OWS Protestor

SHOUT OUT: A stunned Weissman could blurt out just, “Bob Turner has only been in office for two months and . . .” before getting the heave-ho from Hiltunen.

Just as Congressman Anthony Weiner wasn’t permitted a peaceful resignation from the Ninth Congressional District, his replacement Bob Turner wasn’t permitted a peaceful inauguration.

A former Marine dragged an Occupy Wall Street supporter out of a swearing-in ceremony for Republican Congressman Bob Turner after the activist began to heckle the newly-elected pol.

“All I was doing was trying to stop this historic occasion from being disrupt-ed. There is a time and place to exercise your First Amendment rights,’’ Kevin Hiltunen, the former Marine and Turner volunteer, told the New York Post. “This was not the time or the venue.”

Hiltunen grabbed Adam Weissman, the heckler, from his collar and proceeded to drag him out of Metropolitan High School in Queens, where the ceremony was being held.

Prior to the heckling, Weissman was seen holding a sign that read “Rep. Turner [heart] the 1%”.

After he was roughly escorted out, he handed out Occupy Wall Street fliers on Metropolitan Avenue.

“Before I got grabbed by those people, I wanted to say that Bob Turner has only been in office for two months and he has already sold out his supporters,” said Weissman.

According to the Post, Hiltunen served in the NYPD from February 1994 to June 2009, when he retired from a disability caused by an accident on the job.

Weissman said he twisted his ankle during the scuffle but says he’ll be “OK.”

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  1. “There is a time and place to exercise your First Amendment rights,’’
    Kevin Hiltunen, the former Marine and Turner volunteer, told the New York Post. “This was not the time or the venue.” ”

    Who died and put former Marine in charge of picking right place and time to exercise First Amendment?

  2. Hopefully no one died.  You can’t just come into a venue, government or public and start screaming whatever you like.  Turner was elected, just cause someone doesn’t agree with his message doesn’t mean you disrespect transition of government by interruptions and shouting.  Just like if someone walks into Chuch Shummer’s office and starts yelling I hope they get arrested.

  3. I’m sorry, but that photo is too funny to be taken seriously. I can’t look at it and not crack up. I mean…the look on Weissman’s face is like “Duhhhhh.”

  4. Someone comes to your event and starts causing acting like an ass I would hope you would grab him by the collar and toss’em. 

  5. No, i make sure to have Trained and Registered Security. and ask them to Escort the Ass out.

    Not Allow the people to do what they want just cause.

  6. I’m surprised there wasn’t a massive demonstration that the one-party system around here was dented a drop. “Comrade Stalin, free elections are at risk, a non-Communist won”, oops sorry, just a daydream.

      Or maybe SheepsheadBayBites and Fidler can by sudden coincidence complain about gerrymandering and “voting irregularities” after 100 years of not complaining.

  7. His event? No, I don’t think so. He didn’t just win the Heisman Trophy; he got elected to Congress.

    Nevertheless the guy was an idiot. This sort of protesting at a swearing in ceremony s disrespectful to the office he has been legitimately elected to and there is no justification for being disrespectful to the individual elected to that office at the time.

    But photographs of people being dragged out of places by heavy-handed security have become the norm these days and Americans are starting to put two and two together–the right wing loonies are dangerous people who oppose free expression.

    This guy was not surprised; he got the response he expected to get, with all the cameras on him.

  8. He’s not in shock at all. He’s being dragged, and that is not a pleasant experience.

    However, it’s an image that is going to be used again and again to empathize the difference between those who fear free expression (as distasteful as it was on this occasion) and those who exercise restraint when criticized.

  9. It doesn’t matter, the Tea Party is over. But I am quite sure that the politicians who are, as of this time, unsure as to whether they should skip out (hopefully) unnoticed through the back door will continue to entertain us with their outrageous expressions of ignorance of supreme cluelessness.

  10. the marine did the right thing. you do not interrupt an inauguration for your own selfish reasons. to make things worse, the OWS protester’s buddies want to shut down the NYSE on Thursday, the stupidest decision ever by the idiotic group because it will completely destroy the US economy.

  11. I never said he was “in shock.” While I stop short at rooting for the Marine (out loud) for what he did, as I fully understand that he did impede on that dorkchop’s First Amendment right to free speech, there has to exist some parameters to what is defined as “free expression,” and what crosses the line into public nuisance-ry, borderline anarchy, the bleeding of many millions of dollars of emergency resources and public health hazards. If this is anything like the “free expression” to which you refer, then I, too, fear it. Greatly. Restraint, depending upon which perspective you choose to see it through, isn’t always such a virtue. How many Germans / Poles / Austrians / Russians (etc) exercised restraint, vis-a-vis passive indifference, from 1933-1945, with disastrous results?

  12. Restraint is what the Nazis didn’t exercise.

    You can only exercise restraint when you have the known ability to do otherwise.

    As for the propaganda video, I’m well familiar with manipulative videographing. It’s a common tool used by those who don’t have truth on their side.

    Some people do OWS because they have truth on their side.

  13. There is a time and place for everything.  This heckler was out of place, and showed he
    is fool who has no class.  Maybe if he asks Obama nicely he will get a taxpayer grant to go to charm school

  14. Free expression, right.  I guess if I run into your favorite liberal congressman’s office and yell obscenities and general nonsense then anyone who opposes me is a dangerous loony.  Good one!

  15. Depends on whether you are expressing yourself or appearing to be a danger to others.

    I do realize that free expression represents a danger to you but it is a longstanding American tradition.

  16. Going back two years for that article, doesn’t quit make your point.  Why, even Michael Moore said something nice about Ron Paul not too long ago.  

    In related news, when am I getting a cut of Sheepshead Bay Bites profits, all the threads where I am active are the most popular.  Spread the wealth, it’s the liberal thing to do 😀

  17. Well, the truth about OWS is that there is drug dealing, rapes, filth, murder, grand larcenies, Zuccotti lung, assaults of civilians (an old lady was pushed to the ground) and law enforcement officials…should I go on? These are actual documented facts; “manipulative videographing” isn’t even necessary. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bubonic plague resurfaces because of the unsanitary conditions that go on there.

  18. Well? Well? Go another route? 
    The filthy smelly sickly MF’s are doing more for the 99% in 2 months than you can imagine. Like you never smell. Did you ever even imagine people would risk such conditions to change how the 1% acts? You come across with the 1% but lacking the finances.
    Where would you say they go? Would you be happy if they gave up the cause?
    When they are forced to move maybe they will find a camp site closer to say Ffloyds or Knapp St??? How about Manhattan Beach, they have BBQ. Ha. TRUTH.

  19. Well,  the truth is that all sorts of spurious lies are making the rounds. Were there any truth in these allegations then there was be justification for taking direct action to deal with it.

    I remember all the horror stories that circulated after Woodstock, few of them had any grain of truth to it.

    The 1% is getting very nervous. And their toadies are more than willing to help them out by manufacturing untruths.

    OTOH, the OWS group has been infiltrated by police and additionally some unstable people have attached themselves to it.

  20. Dorkchop. The man is a heckler, yes..The Marine is lucky if he does not end up in court. Dorkchop. LOL
    Dorckchop, too funny have to tell my grandgirls about that one.
    If you did not discontinue Facebook because you are so busy you would have seen Barrisons post.

  21. I think an informal poll was conducted within that group a while ago and app. one third would advocate violence to advance their “cause”. I’d like to conduct my own poll and see how many of those people have voted in the last 4 years. The bankers , health insurance companies, drug companies, etc do not at the end of the day, have the interests of John Q Public in mind when they conduct business. I get it. When Netflix changed their price structure the public rebelled and Netflix went back to the old pricing. When the banks wanted to kick us in the ass with debit card fees their was consumer outrage all over the media and social media and the banks reneged. Sitting in your own filth, taunting police at every turn is not going to repay that student loan or land you a job. 

    When people cry that there should be a redistribution of income in this country because “some people have so much and I so little” that’s socialism. My daughter attends Murrow and they’re doing a world history lesson on communism. At the end of the lesson the teacher asked the students who thought the principles of communism were good and at least half of the class raised their hand citing the reason that in a cummunist country “everyone’s equal”. Scary!

  22. understand tuth, that free expression to them depends on who’s speaking…. If you dole it out, they simply call your speech “hate speech” or “racist speech” or “offensive speech” or quote the famous “cry fire in a crowded theater” example to block out free speech (i once questioned abortion and got hit with the “cry fire in a crowded theather” argument from some liberal looney).

    The liberals are now the most dangerous group of people as far as the first amendment is concerned.

       Nat Hentoff (hardly a conservative!)  wrote a book awhile back, “Free Speech for Me – But Not For Thee”, which addresses this very issue. The cases he brings up are truly frightening. One needs not read the book, one needs to read a paper on any given day. Such as the recent case in an American school where Mexican students wore the Mexican flag on Cinco de Mayo.  When some students responded the next year with wearing an American flag, the principal ordered the kids to remove the American flags. THE CIRCUIT COURT RULED IN FAVOR OF THE PRINCIPAL. How’s that for fair and free speech! In an American school, you can display a foreign flag on a given day, but not an American one. Okay.

      These types of rulings are all over college campuses and our nation. It’s pretty scary.

  23. That sounds like a description of the right wing lunatic fringe.

    Not even thoughtful or clever.

    And the fascism you keep referencing happened this morning.

    Maybe you better start thinking about who you really need to worry about. Alliances can exist only as long as it is necessary.

  24. I’m disappointed in the protester guy. He picks Bob Turner to heckle? How about reaching a bit higher, pal? This is like drinking RC when you can get a Boylan’s.

    I love the blanket talk-radio style comments about “liberals” (my favorite boogeyman). Does it matter that Obama and Turner are on the same side of the Free Trade bill? Of course not. Obama is a liberal is a commie is a terrorist. Got it. 

    But I also like to paint broad brushes. Which is why, solely by the likes of a Rush Limbaugh, or a Sean Hannity, or a Glen Beck, or the guy who yelled out “yes” at the debate regarding letting someone without health insurance, I condemn all of thee who speaketh ill of liberals as the exact opposite. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I, DIPSHIT!!! NAH NAH NAAAAH!

    This is the problem with America. Both this wimpy protester hipster and the salivating rabid dogs opposed to him. The only people who give a damn in this country are the people who aren’t really well versed enough to give a damn. We need philosopher-kings (of both Right and Left) fast. Democracy and this Republic has become a total farce. Shame on all of you. And me.

  25. And shame on my hasty lack of editing. Ahh this takes me back to the old trolling days….hey Mother, bring me down a can of tuna fish will ya? The basement steps are too much for me these days.

  26. Of course this is true.  They will also scream “it’s the law” when it suits them as is the case with Cherry Hill but will blatantly violate 100 laws when they don’t agree with them.

    What I find hilarious about hard core liberals is that they want more taxes and a bigger government, but what they fail to understand is that government might use that money for war or something else they don’t agree with.  So in essence what they want is to collect more money from everyone and they will be the ones deciding how to spend it.  In essence an oligarchy, not democracy.

  27. If you love communism so much and hate capitalism why don;t you move to one of the many utopian societies that communism has created, China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuelan.  Oh right, NO ONE ever wants to move to those places, in fact people will cross mine fields, swim on rubber rafts and in cargo containers just to get out of these hell holes and come to evil America.  It’s funny that in communist societies the government has to keep it’s citizens from leaving under the barrel of a gun.  Well, not funny, but indicative. 

  28. You have just uttered a most anti-American expression here. If someone advocates free speech, call them a communist.

    American went through a period in the 1950s where that sort of garbage was acceptable. Eventually those responsible for that sort of crap were held liable for it.

    Throwing this in merely shows the lack of a coherent argument. It’s really pathetic.

  29. As usual you are spouting nonsense and not addressing any of my arguments.  Free speech is not an excuse to break 50 laws.  I wonder if you would be as defensive of free speech if the Tea Party occupied Emmons Ave and yelled at everyone who passed by.   

  30. You have made no arguments. You equate communism with free speech. How much free speech would you have in communist Russia?

    For that matter, it was the liberals who advocated for less restrictive immigration policies which led to the political asylum allowances. As well as a restructuring of the very restrictive Immigration Act Of 1920.

    As for the Tea Party, they are to be countered by logical arguments rather than oppression. No one has suggested having them arrested. It is simply not thought of. OTOH, you apparently favor repressing those whose views you disagree with. Or, barring that possibly, disseminating meaningless nonsense that says absolutely nothing.

  31. “You equate communism with free speech”  What?????  Where do you come up with this stuff.

     I will repeat my questions, if the Team Party occupied Emmons Ave and yelled at everyone who passed by while pissing on the sidewalk would you actively defend their right to be there?.  This is not a trick question.  I already know the answers but would like to hear a wheasly response from you.

    And as for me personally, I was allowed in based on the conservative politicizes of the 1980s.

  32. First, it was definitely liberals that set the policies that allowed you in the country. Through much of the 80s Congress was controlled by the Democrats, not the Republicans.

    Second, I answered your question in my previous response,

    Third, we are through. There is no need for me for counter your circular nonsense further.

  33. Pathetic.  You did not answer my question.  It was a simple yes or no question and you decided to avoid it .  As others here have pointed out you will flip flop on even the basic issues when it doesn’t fit your agenda.  Some supporter of free speech you are. 

    And it was Reagan who wanted to allow immigrants out of Russia to undermine the Soviet Union. 

  34. Just as I supported the right of KKK to march in TN, and the right of neo-nazis to have a rally near UN, I would support OWS being on Emmons St.
    Does that answer your question?

    EDIT: or Tea Party’s right to be on Emmons Av.
    Something ACLU is consistently doing for many years.

  35. As someone fighting on the front lines for restoring a “two-party” dialogue in Brooklyn, let me say that Ned reports as fairly and evenly as he possibly can on political issues.


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