Boaters Hit By Rising Fuel Prices

Apparently, the rise in prices for boating fuel is even more dramatic than it has been for auto gas, resulting in fewer boaters on the water.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“I see fewer people going out with their boats, and if they’re going out, they’re buddying up with two or three people to cut costs,” said Walter Zahra, who has owned the Port Sheepshead Bay Marina in Brooklyn for 45 years. “It’s hurting quite a bit,” he said. “A boat uses a lot more gas than a car.”
Marine gas usually sells for about 50 to 75 cents a gallon. Now it’s selling for more than $4 a gallon. “I’ve seen it closer to $5,” Zahra said.

I wonder how this will effect the Bay’s already devastated marine economy. [via Daily News]