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Boat Dumped In The Middle Of Emmons Avenue Sparks Sheepshead Bay Mystery

Photo by Scott K.

We began receiving e-mails yesterday about a boat found mysteriously dumped in the middle of Emmons Avenue near Batchelder Street, blocking traffic and turning eastbound Emmons Avenue into a one-lane strip.

The first spotting we heard about was just after 7:00 a.m., where it sat for at least 24 hours before Sanitation workers arrived this morning, loaded it on a flatbed truck, and hauled it off – again at approximately 7:00 a.m.

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The vessel, filled with garbage and apparently tied to a street sign (lest it float away), wracked up a couple of tickets from law enforcement, according to a tipster via Facebook.

In the early part of the day, the boat was in the middle of the street in front of Miramar Yacht Club (3050 Emmons Avenue). Drivers eventually pushed it to the side, to a no standing zone, to allow traffic to go through.

Miramar Yacht Club was not available for comment, but their neighbors, Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club (3076 Emmons Avenue), confirmed that the boat was hauled off this morning, after having been left there sometime between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

“Whoever did it is stupid because their registration stickers are still on it and it’s going to be traced to the owner. Whether that person sold it to a stupid person, or it fell of their truck, I don’t know,” said Patti Fox, Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club’s groundskeeper.

“We don’t know if it was an intentional dump; there’s so many places around here that you can dump something like that without making it so obvious. We’re thinking maybe it fell off someone’s struck and the guy was by himself and couldn’t pick it up and didn’t come back.”

Fox added that police, who have traced the vessel to a former owner, may have a bit of help in their investigation.

“I’m sure if they really want to investigate it, the apartment building nearby has surveillance cameras monitoring the front of the building. I’m sure if they went to management they could get some kind of view of what kind of vehicle dropped this boat. It’s 15 feet from where the vehicle was.”

Photo by Rich W.
Photo by Rich W.

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  1. All boats in NYS,powered with a motor, must be registered with NYS DMV and the registration numbers must be placed on both sides of the bow.   Along with this, the Hull Identification Number, (same as a VIN on a car), is registered.   This needs to be traced back to the owner who should be at least fined for this rediculous and unlawful behavior.  Perhaps the 61st Pct needs to be pro-active? (Unless, of course they have already taken action).

  2. I was down there yesterday and there was some stupid woman talking to a video camera right in front of the boat.  There was no news logo on the camera, no cameraman, crew, nothing, just this womanl in high leather boots and heavy jeans talking into a mike

  3. There were about 5 61 pct cars on Emmons Avenue giving tickets, but none of those stupid blind bastards saw the boat.  Useless – Once again proven!

  4. It might be the Bays Revenge. After years of garbage dumped, swept, blown and falling into the Bay, the Bay stirkes back!

  5. At 3:30 pm yesterday there was a photoshoot around the boat,like a professional photo shoot with big equipment…Some chick was modeling in it while a guy screams for her to “work it girl”.I don’t no if they brought the boat or just saw the oppurtunity but I was sure it had to do with the shoot

  6. Poor dear ole Carl Kruger;  there goes his prison break vehicle! Who dunn that to our lovely local politico?  


    Retrofit it with wheels, surveillance equipment, as well as the latest in anti-semitism detection equipment & name it the Holocoaster!

    It will robotically patrol Manhattan Beach, & with it’s patented paranoia technology, automatically report any suspicious activity directly to Abraham Foxman of the ADL.

    Foxman, as you may be aware, is so obsessed he finally went off the deep end and actually accused himself of being anti-semitic!

  8. Part of the rollers from the trailer are under the boat. Looks like the trailer probably broke. Dumpy old boat anyway. Guy probably said e-ff it and took off.


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