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Bloomberg Applauds Fidler For Work On A Bill That Helps Homeless Children


Mayor Michael Bloomberg applauded the efforts of Councilman Lew Fidler for his work on a bill that seeks to better understand child homelessness in the city, a subset of the population that is often times exploited or ignored.

In the video above, Councilman Fidler laid out the staggering statistics that should make anyone’s stomach churn when confronting the problem of homeless children in New York City.

“On any given night in our city, 3,800 children are homeless without their families on our streets. That’s a fact that I’m ashamed of as a member of government and as a father and as a human being.”

Fidler went on to describe how these children are often exploited sexually just so they can survive from day to day. The bill is designed to investigate how the city is currently servicing these children so the city can better coordinate resources to help to save them.

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