Bloody Tuesday: Come Save Lives!

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Contrary to popular belief, I am not a superhero. Yeah, I’m pretty friggin’ awesome. But I can’t leap buildings in a single bound, I’m hardly as powerful as a locomotive, and I don’t go faster than a speeding bullet (or even a slowly moving shopping cart).

But what I can do is give blood. And donating blood saves lives. In fact, one donation can help as many as three people in medical centers across the globe. Despite that most of us have a little extra blood to spare, there are constant shortages as demand for complicated, but life-saving, medical treatments increase (a liver transplant, for example, can use 120 units of donated blood).

There are frequent blood drives in our area, not to mention anyone can donate any time at Coney Island Hospital. And now, parents from P.S. 52 have arranged for a neighborhood drive today. From noon until 6 p.m., you can stop by 2675 East 29th Street (between Avenue Z and Voorhies Avenue) and help save lives.

I may be no superhero … ::dramatic pause to emphasize cheesiness:: … but we can all be heros.