Blast From the Past: House Calls Return To Bensonhurst

We currently live in an age of almost compulsive nostalgia about the past. From vintage jeans to retro kitchen equipment, we see people adopting styles that are either from another time or made to look like they are. If a local health program is any indication, our obsession with the lifestyle of our grandparents may have begun to venture from a world of fashion into one of functionality.

According to an article in the historically named Brooklyn Eagle, Lutheran Healthcare, based out of Sunset Park’s Lutheran Medical Center, is providing a service geared specifically toward patients who have a hard time leaving their homes. The house call program was spotlighted during an annual senior fair held by Senator Marty Golden on May 6th at Saint Patrick’s School Auditorium in Bay Ridge. The article quotes primary care and internal medicine physician Santo Chiarello, who  describes the program as “for the homebound, whether they are in a permanent state or only temporary… or they just have difficulty getting to a doctor’s appointment.” According to the Eagle, the list of services “can include physical exams, diagnoses, chronic conditions’ treatments, blood work, EKGs, post-hospital visits and specialty care referrals.” Lutheran Healthcare is currently making house calls in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and is looking to expand to other neighborhoods.

Most insurance plans are accepted. Anyone seeking more information can either call 718 630 6789 or visit .

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