Black Book Honors Sheepshead Bay Television Hosts

Black Book Magazine published a profile honoring two iconic television hosts you probably have never heard of, and definitely didn’t know were from Sheepshead Bay. Scott Lewis and Gary Winter of The Scott and Gary Show spent the early 80s producing a cult music and comedy show for public access television. They never made a penny, but they helped generate the buzz behind names like The Beastie Boys, Butthole Surfers (whose lead singer was so acid-rittled he interviewed a mole on his leg), R. Stevie Moore, Shockabilly, and the Clintons. The Scott and Gary Show is to be inducted to NYU’s Fales Collection as an example of downtown and East Village art in the sixties and seventies. And they still toy with the idea of reviving the show.

Here’s a clip of the show featuring some really young Beastie Boys (Mike D. introduces himself as Michael), playing what turns out to be one of their last hardcore sets before becoming the hip-hop fusion sensation we all know.

If you like the video, check out the Black Book profile. It has several more clips and links to videos.

UPDATE (5/4/2012): Because the original YouTube video embedded in this post was taken down, we have added a new one.