Bklyn Pols Named 'Inhumane'; Nelson Stands Above

According to Courier-Life’s YourNabe.com, the New York League of Humane Voters ranked City Council’s Brooklyn delegation as one of the worst in its pet-friendly policy-making.

Their findings show that, on average, the council’s Brooklyn delegation supported humane legislation a paltry 48 percent of the time −− far less than their counterparts in the other boroughs.
But it gets worse: some members of the Brooklyn delegation supported animal welfare issues less than 15 percent of the time, the group discovered.

Representatives from the Sheepshead Bay area are some of the best and worst of the bunch. Lew Fidler of the 46th District voted a meager 22 percent of the time for animal-friendly laws, while Michael Nelson of the 48th District supported animal welfare 75 percent of the time, marking him second best in the borough.

Meanwhile, our neighbors to the north apparently elected the most shameful of the bunch: Simcha Felder of the 44th District (Midwood, Bensonhurst, Borough Park). Felder’s support was ranked at 10 percent. To his credit, it’s a huge jump from the zero ranking he received last year. Maybe he’s trying. Maybe.

The New York League of Humane Voters determined rankings based on how councilmembers voted on recent legislation about horse−drawn carriages, eliminating the authority of the ASPCA over the carriage industry, bills on companion animals, and the ban on chaining animals for longer than three hours.