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BK Tea Party Urges Cymbrowitz To Oppose Mosque

Site of the proposed Sheepshead Bay mosque

Brooklyn Tea Party activists issued an open letter to Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, calling on the Sheepshead Bay politician to create obstacles for the proposed 2812 Voorhies Avenue mosque.

John K. Press, president of the Brooklyn Tea Party, writes:

The Board and Standards and Appeals Chair, Meenakshi Srinivasan, has promised to render, “decisions that respect the character and context of neighborhoods.” A large proportion of the residents on Voorhies are Jewish.  Having an organization that preaches hate against Jews move into the neighborhood would greatly disrupt the neighborhood character and quality of life for the current residents.

I implore you to step into this process in any way you can to slow down the permit granting process.  This will allow you time to vet the buyer.  And, if the concerns about the MAS prove baseless, we recognize that they should be welcomed as good neighbors.

The letter depicted Cymbrowitz’s recent opposition to a proposed 9-story garage and office building near the Sheepshead Bay Road subway station as setting a precedent for his involvement in developments that challenge the community’s character.

But the focus of the letter’s opposition to the Sheepshead Bay mosque revolves around its connection to the Muslim American Society, not development issues, and includes links to the about anti-semitic themes in MAS.

A staffer from Cymbrowitz’s office said they are mulling over an official response, but nothing has been decided yet. Cymbrowitz’s district ends at Voorhies Avenue and East 23rd Street; the proposed mosque will be in Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein’s district.

“[The Assemblyman is] dedicated to his community, as opposed to what’s happening other places, in terms of focusing his efforts,” the staffer told Sheepshead Bites.

Here’s the full letter:

From : John K. Press, Ph.D.
President of the Brooklyn Tea Party

To: Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz

Re: Proposed Voorhies Mosque, Brooklyn, NY

You are undoubtedly aware of the controversy surrounding the proposed building of a mosque at 2812 Voorhies Avenue. Residents worry about the same parking issue for which you bravely stood up against developer’s plans to construct a nine-story, 115 foot tall building wedged between Sheepshead Bay Road and Avenue Z.[i] Along with abnormalities in the DOB, in regards to the Voorhies Mosque, the residents of your district also have extraordinary concerns.[ii]

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the developer of this Mosque, the Muslim American Society (MAS), “has a troubling history of associations with radical organizations and individuals that promote terrorism, anti-Semitism and reject Israel’s right to exist.”  Furthermore, “MAS-affiliated Web sites have featured articles advocating jihad and suicide martyrdom.” And the MAS is, “the leading American Muslim organization organizing anti-Israel activity in the U.S.” [iii] A major officer in the MAS called the Jews, “the primary historical and religious example of those who “take the wrong path.”[iv]

The Board and Standards and Appeals Chair, Meenakshi Srinivasan, has promised to render, “decisions that respect the character and context of neighborhoods.”[v] A large proportion of the residents on Voorhies are Jewish.  Having an organization that preaches hate against Jews move into the neighborhood would greatly disrupt the neighborhood character and quality of life for the current residents.

I implore you to step into this process in any way you can to slow down the permit granting process.  This will allow you time to vet the buyer.  And, if the concerns about the MAS prove baseless, we recognize that they should be welcomed as good neighbors.

I have attached hard-copy documentation to this petition, and here are just two samples of internet documentation that cause many of our members to be concerned about the MAS; I can offer you many others on request:

Please do not shirk your responsibility to listen to, and act upon, the concerns of our community.  Failure to address both the issues at hand and the people who have elected you will cause me to doubt that we do, indeed, have responsive and effective representation.

This Letter represents an official position of the Brooklyn Tea Party, and I can assure you that it conveys the sentiments of many people in your district

Thank you,
John K. Press, Ph.D.
President – The Brooklyn Tea Party
[email protected]

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  1. Oh, the racist and bigoted Tea Party speaks out against another racist and bigoted organization (MAS)! This should be interesting! Or should we say “alleged,” as both have their values, and they are usually not relfective of the entire organization, rather select individuals.

  2. Please read the article 🙂 He can contact the gov agency in order to initiate investigation based on materials from the open sources, which may people scare

  3. Yes, I've read that part.
    But by this logic, BTP should appeal to Assemblyman Dov Hikind (who would be very receptive to these arguments) instead of Mr. Cymbrowitz! Or, better yet, just go directly to Speaker Sheldon Silver…

    My question is, I would perfectly understand if they would write to Ms. Weinstein, but why Mr. Cymbrowitz?

  4. Of course it's not about parking and noise. No matter what some people claim.

    For some people it's not even about religion or the fear of terrorism. It's just about feeding off of the fears of other people.

    Terrible that we are even discussing what the Tea Party is doing. Even worse that we have to be having this discussion.

  5. lol

    I think Tea Part is the one who said Mr. Obama is not American Born after he is a president.. LOL

    So no time to spend discussing such party agenda…

    Good Try ..
    I like what the BSA answered “decisions that respect the character and context of neighborhoods”

    Come on give me a break..

    perfect reply…

    Now iti s clear that ,,, they a re trying , Tea Part , to raise the hate card instead of what few are opposing about…

    Look what he said..

    “A large proportion of the residents on Voorhies are Jewish. Having an organization that preaches hate against Jews move into the neighborhood would greatly disrupt the neighborhood character and quality of life for the current residents”

    Is that clear to everyone now,,

    I think we live , study, deal, eat(Kosher), and work with Jews, 24/7,, LOL

    why that is raised???,,

    Interesting enough to see what such add ups to the opposition is making it clear..

    Thanks Ned for the info, to show people of sheepshead bay that they have been used for others agenda such as Tea Party..

  6. A four story cultural center really has no place on a one way street. That's the issue. The tea party should pack their bags and go home.

  7. It's a one-lane 2-way street, but we know what you meant. Wouldn't be surprised if they block off the front with “No standing” anytime or place a hydrant right in front. This is what other community centers get.

    As humorous as I find the BTP, just look up their President and his book/website on Culturism. It's great to make up words that suits your ideals.

  8. How did an unemployed man get $800K cash to buy the property? Where did that money come from? Who will pay for the construction? Are they going to buy a space for a parking lot, or is the surrounding blocks' homeowners about to watch the value of their homes plummet without any say nor reimbursement?

    Let me understand-you will demonize Americans for simply asking how such things which will dramatically harm owners of single and 2 family homes will be paid for and by whom? And if the mosque's proponents are affilated with the Muslim Brotherhood, why is that not an issue?

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Answer these questions, or give it up. Intead the proponents call everyone who is opposed a racist.

  9. I am a liberal democrat and absolutely support the center! Without any problems.
    The main reasons: I do not judge people by the race or religion, I am totally support the freedom of speach, religion and worship. If the sale is legal and do not violate any rules – what's the problem?
    But at the same time I saw the links to the publications in the letter :…,
    That is really scare and I may understand his concern. If this is true – the owner of the property should invite another organization to build and operate the house of worship. If not true – we just simply have to go after these publications and make them responsible for that. These materials may simply mislead the people.
    How to handle this situation? Who can answer? Politicians?
    I personally do not agree with the Tea Party issues, but in his letter we can read
    “… And, if the concerns about the MAS prove baseless, we recognize that they should be welcomed as good neighbors”. Me personally – I am a baptist, have a lot of muslim friends – really nice people, but never heard about this organization before. If anybody knows – please share. Why MAS will not take these publications to court and straight everything out in order to make the Tea Party to shut up and use the articles as a tool for their agenda?
    People, let's be friendly!!! Maybe we can sit down and talk all together to understand better each other?

  10. Why can't we makes this decision democratically? Put the Mosque plan to a vote by home owners in the community.

  11. You might recall that sometimes democracy alone does not prevent injustice. Proceed to the homework assignment below.

    Crossword piece: Major European leader in the 1930's who was democratically elected. 6 letters, starts with “H”.

    Social Studies homework: Constitutional provisions for the balance of majority rule and minority rights in the United States.
    If the above link is too hard, see page 7 of:

  12. Hitler.

    Well, an argument the Muslim community is making for the mosque is that there is a significant Muslim presence in the community. They wouldn't bother attempting to build a mosque for a small group of Muslims The way I see it, you have 3 sides: Those who are opposed, those who are in favor, and those who are indifferent. It would be up to the opposing sides to try to draw the support of those who are indifferent.

  13. It's not up to a vote. If it was up to a vote the Jim Crow laws in the south would still be in practice today,

    Our constitution protect us as a society from the limitations of our tolerances.

  14. I agree with you 100%! We can not vote for that. Dear levp and Kon. This is their constitutional right!!!! Dear Lisanne! I apploud your position!
    But I already wrote :
    ” I am a liberal democrat and absolutely support the center! Without any problems.The main reasons: I do not judge people by the race or religion, I am totally support the freedom of speach, religion and worship. If the sale is legal and do not violate any rules – what's the problem?
    But at the same time I saw the links to the publications in the letter :…,
    That is really scare and I may understand his concern. If this is true – the owner of the property should invite another organization to build and operate the house of worship. If not true – we just simply have to go after these publications and make them responsible for that. These materials may simply mislead the people.
    How to handle this situation? Who can answer? Politicians?”
    Politicians must get involved and tell the people like Levp and Kon the truth about these materials from the reputable (?) open sources. Chicago Tribune, Washingtom times… wrote anout this organization. That is way even me started to worry. 9/11, Fort Hood, Times Square… – I did not create this in my mind.
    Dear Lisanne! Do you agree with me? Let's get politicians involved and convince poeple, tell them the true, so they can stop hatred. Let's them prove that MAS does not have any connections with the terrorist organizations. Only in this case we can keep make LevP and Kon feel comfortable and come down with their paranoic rithiric.

  15. That is the answer you and other great people should know..

    We are to live a better live, and practice our freedom freely… No time for such fake information and crap Tea Part is posting on the web..
    These doct have their political agenda, and have nothing to do with us as Muslims.

  16. @Metp2000: Please re-read my message. My position is exactly the opposite to that of Kon. WTF?
    I'd like my [blog] name to be cleared.

  17. Beautiful story. An excellent illustration of how both the United States and Russia had a common goal, which transcends difficulties of language and culture. Today we all need to work together as one more than ever. And we can make a start right here where we live, and break down the barriers of misunderstanding and build trust and friendship with each other.

  18. I felt like you in the beginning, but after reading about your so called friends i have changed my mind. America is friendly,understanding and very tolerant of other religions, cultures etc. your “friends” on the other hand are tolerant of no one but themselves., not the American way, don’t you think? They are the way..the only way and your way is wrong. Start reading,Metp and open not only your eyes but everyone else’s.

  19. why does it seem as though the muslims always want to put a mosque where it will cause the most harm. Is it just me? Ground zero/ convent/predominantly jewish neighborhood.I see a pattern here.

  20. but metp2000 why do they pick these certain places? Convent… Ground Zero…
    Jewish neighborhood….. dont you see a pattern here? Come on this has to be a well thought out plan.Lets see … where can we cause the most disruption? Its their plan dont you see to destroy america… wake up people !!!!!!!

  21. @mabell52: You know Metp200’s friends? All of them?
    How about my friends?

    If that’s the case, you must be Santa!! OMG!

    Or maybe you were just reading wrong stuff…

  22. This is one of the times that politicians have to set aside their concerns about negative public reaction and become statesmen. People need to be reminded in the strongest way that the very values they are ignoring or treating contemptuously are the same ones that allow them the right of free expression. It's no coincidence that freedom of religion and freedom of speech are joined together in the 1st Amendment.

    The 1st Amendment! It was put of the top of the document because it is such a central part of our national identity.

    The Washington Times is an extremely unreliable news organization. They often print without seeking information from both sides of a controversy They manipulate facts and push their socio-political agenda through their news stories.

    The Chicago Tribune is a paper is a noticeable conservative slant and a history of questionable reportage. As Chicago is a city with a significant conservative population the Tribune does well in readership, though their finances are shaky.

  23. I don't understand why don't they go after an individual who bought the property for TAX FRAUD. If he didn't pay taxes then he has no right to purchase or resell anything in this country.

  24. Isn't asking an assemblyman to block a project undertaken by a group of one religion because there's a large, established group of another religion present totally against the spirit of the First Amendment?

  25. According to the available research, M.A.S. absolutely has ties with the Muslim Brotherhood who has ties with HAMAS, and HEZBOLLAH. In fact within the last 9 years the research stated that two individuals in MAS, an executive director and a communications director were arrested and convicted for terrorist involvement; one name was Royer.

    And yes this is America of which many ethnic and religious individuals have congregated in one area to call home. It exists today. They pay taxes and have a right to keep their neighborhood as they created it; yes as they created and established it. Why must change be forced upon the majority?

  26. Ooh, no. Not only is that no way to talk to someone, its no way to talk to a woman. What kind of mother raised you?

  27. I ought to print this comment along with the one in “that other recent thread”, and show them to my children – otherwise they are only exposed to my cynicism (I call it “realism”, though.) Thanks for trying to cure it, but my insurance won’t cover this treatment… 🙂

  28. Let them call FBI , another agency… They know where to call. When the politicians afraid to talk – that what creates the problem… People may think anything what they want and scare. Politicians – our main problem. Let them talk to people, provide the answers. But all what they need – votes… Lisanne, call them, ask them to get involved and explain what the Washington Times, Chicago Tribune… all these “media ” are. Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom to Lie and misinform the people. If they lie – they have to be responsible for that! But who can really tell us if this is true or not. Their documents in original Tea Party letter seems so “Scientific”… They probably know how to play… The politicians must speak up and fork for us. Do you agree, that these documents make many people to get scared? So many uneducated people around… How to solve that? Your thoughts?

  29. I think , fire eats itself if it cannot find anything to eat!!

    Why do not we like good people?… People of truth not hypocrisy..

    She is always with the truth, and she has her opinion about the mosque, and it is respected.

    But something about the law and the constitution, no one can talk about it, and we, all , has to defend it.

  30. Look, why do we combine between MAS, HAMAS, Hizbillah,

    Look I think most of the readers are ignorant enough about the three groups..

    As a Muslims, very big different between the three groups… Fundamentally,, In Islam,

    Hezbollah are Shiite and others Sunnis…

    I understand the common denominator between Hamas and Hezbollah is the war against Israel, that is something overseas and hard to find solution , even Obama Administration is about to give up on that conflict,,
    Leave that alone… and talk about Muslims, have no place of worship at Sheepshead Bay, and they want one like anybody else.

    So Ignorance, Sorry about saying that, but,, is the dominant to most people. And I want everyone to differentiate between all of these group..
    MAS denounce any ties to any organization. End of the story..

    Tea Party is the one who felled the web with stuff against Obama , that has nothing to do with him,, think abut that.

    It is not scary to see such fake, information, even it depends on some sources that are very shaky to depend on from the first place..

  31. And what relevance does anybody's presence or time spent on SB have to do with this issue? Are you a few brain cells short of a Happy Meal Mr. Guest?

  32. Thanks for the history lesson. You left out the most important fact that I'm quite certain most readers are not ignorant about and that is groups such as HAMAS and Hezbollah have slaughtered thousands of innocent people through the years and I would venture to say they have had their hand in the London bombings, Mumbai, Madrid, USS Cole, Uganda, both WTC attacks, etc. I could go on and on and on……Google “islamist attacks” It's sickening.

  33. Guilty as charged.
    But there is a reason this phenomenon exists, and it is the same reason why I used this example here: that bit of history is one of very few that most people know anything about.

    Sometimes, even that fails: a number of U.S. citizen actually think that United States fought with Soviet Union in WWII (see “that other recent thread”).
    But wait, there is more:
    26% of Americans don't know that the country U.S. gained its independence from was Great Britain!
    Read the data and weep:

    I rest my case.

    P.S.: Lisanne, this wonderful story is for you:
    NPR: In World War II, He Fought For Two Armies

  34. Nowadays all the politicians speak in soundbytes, they think that we lak the attention span for detailed information. Even worse, they don't do the necessary background checking about issues personally, they have staff that checks legislation and then writes a short summation with suggestions.

    A simple check of the State department's web site shows that MAS is not on their list of terrorist organizations. One may argue that they are supporting other groups that are, but their own statements indicate that those who were part of the group at one time and sympathetic to such organizations are no longer involved with it.

    The goal of MAS is to INTEGRATE Muslims into Amercian society. It is not to infiltrate it.

  35. Let what happen? People having sex thinking their partner is something they aren't? Sorry it's already happening everywhere. How many money-hungry women have slept with guys thinking they're rich or well-off only to find them piss-poor or how many older women were taking advantage of by younger guys pretending to love them and not their checkbooks. You don't think people try to hook up with people already by claiming to be the same faith as another?

  36. “how many older women were taking advantage of by younger guys pretending to love them and not their checkbooks.”

    Wait, I can do that?!

    In all seriousness – let's not stray too far please.

  37. I'm not, just replying to that joke of a link, as all it does is carry the spark for more potential widening of the cultural rifts the mosque vs. neighborhood situation has brought on.

  38. My friend, re-read, what I said,
    talking out of anger would not help Bay People to oppose the mosque.
    Look all the tragedies you have mentioned are part of the extremist Muslims, part of their attacks are among Muslims, themselves.

    But not HAMAS<, LOOOOL .. I like to read and differentiate,,, HAMAS is in Palestine, poor people do not find anything to eat in QAZA Strip, and you are associating them with all of that… Come on…

    The point here is to distinguish between us, here In the USA, and others in the east…

    Simple and easy… how, by reading more and more about Islam. Not following such fake Info by Tea Party.

  39. what is that,
    Nothing to do with the issue here in Sheepshead Bay,,

    Something overseas ,, and you want to link it to Sheepshead Bay,,
    Interesting enough to read such people's mind..

  40. I think that we’ll change the world one person at a time. When enough people realize that it is in their power to stop all the hate then a great change will come.

    Once in this country we came so close. Then 4 kids in Ohio were killed and people got scared. Maybe this time the change will be in people’s hearts and not just their minds.

    This is where we were 40 years ago, when some of us were still trying to believe.

  41. Yes, lets read this article, but lets read it to the end:

    “Gideon Levy, a liberal Israeli commentator, was quoted as saying: “I would like to raise only one question with the judge. What if this guy had been a Jew who pretended to be a Muslim and had sex with a Muslim woman?
    Would he have been convicted of rape? The answer is: of course not.”

    Arabs constitute about 20% of Israel's population, but relationships between Jews and Arabs are rare. There are few mixed neighbourhoods or towns, and Arabs suffer routine discrimination.

    Israeli MPs are considering a law requiring prospective Israeli citizens to declare loyalty to Israel as a “Jewish, democratic state”. Many Arabs would balk at swearing allegiance to a state which they see as explicitly excluding or marginalising them.

    Dan Meridor, a deputy prime minister in Binyamin Netanyahu's government, is opposed to the proposal. “Why does every bill need the word 'Jewish' in it – to show the Arab citizens that it doesn't belong to them? Then we're all shocked when they radicalise their stance.

    “The majority doesn't need to remind the minority that it is in fact a minority all the time,” he added.”

    So, indeed, don't let this happen here (although loyalty oath has happened here before) – but for a different reason. Instead, lets think about the words of this Israeli MP Dan Meridor: “Then we're all shocked when they radicalise their stance.”

  42. From the letter: “I have attached hard-copy documentation to this petition, and here are just two samples of internet documentation that cause many of our members to be concerned about the MAS; I can offer you many others on request:… “

    Guys, please stop to play global politics 🙁
    This is too complicated.
    We have the mosque issue on Sheepshead Bay?
    I support the mosque. Main reason – I support the American Constitution!!!!! You may not like something personally, but there so many things in this word which we all not like, for example – parking tickets … Remember – we are all immigrants. Just American Indians are the native Americans!!!!!
    But at the same time these documents are bothering many many people… They go thruout the internet and make people worry about the owner of the mosque.
    How to solve this problem? Who can tell us if we have to stop worry about these materials? Politicians? MAS reps? President? Mayor? Specific GOV agency?

  43. I find it disturbing that you would use the word HAMAS and LOL (laughing out loud) in the same sentence. It's been quiet for a while now but how many suicide bombings have they been responsible for through the years? You think they are justified because they supposedly care for the people of GAZA but I'm sure they had a good giggle on 9/11. For the record, I oppose the 4 story cutural center because I think the location is inappropriate given the parking and noise issues. I also think the Tea Party started out with a legitimate agenda but now I feel there are too many wackos that have been given way too much air time.

  44. 1971… I was almost born at that point.

    What a great song! She actually still performs, she will be in CT in October – should be interesting. I’m going to Amazon MP3 store as we speak…

  45. MY FREIND, why tying these groups and “”hizbss””,, with the mosque in sheepshead bay…
    what is the relationship people in sheepshead bay and these unknown groups but to , people like you?

    this is THE USA not Israel, Neither GAZA, nor Palestine…

    We are here to build a place of worship.. End of the story… “as of right”.
    I think the best answer to people alike, is to stay with the enough info we have provided. or simply leave the discussion with the all respect.

    “HAMAS …………… the people of GAZA, but I'm sure they had a good giggle on 9/11”

    where did you get these information from? please reinforce your claim?

  46. bagels,
    I am laughing at the wrong information you are providing, (I cannot hold it, It is just funny to know that) , nothing else,

    FYI,,, If there is no conflict between Arabs and Israelis, the first target for Iran, and Hezbollah, is Sunnis, including Hamas…
    and the report is combining both 2 opposite sides, I just do not get it!!!!

    By the way.. HAMAS is only known from the conflict of the Mideast… Is not it??
    again I am laughing because you are making HAMAS like it is here in Sheepshead Bay…. Please that really make the reader laugh,, think about it…

    I heard, at WNYC the other day that there are 1200 GOV agencies, and about 2000 private agencies are encountering the terrorism,, and Tea Party are saying people with such , wrong mentality (extremists) exist in the US,, I do not think so…

  47. I used to go to all her NY concerts. I even was a listed producer of a concert she did in May of 1976, a benefit concert at the Felt Forum for the United Farm Workers union. She’s a very generous person, giving much of both of herself and her time. And her voice is still strong. I am already seeing my voice weaken and lose range, and I’m nine years younger than she is.

  48. Ding Ding Ding

    We have a winner. I'm so tired of this debate.

    Personally I think the mosque is being built in the wrong place — the middle of a residential block.That's it. That's the extent of my disapproval of the mosque.

    All this other shit about a mosque always breeding terrorists is just bullshit. It's bigotry and prejudice. Would the same group be bitching if the catholic church was building a new building as the church breeds pedophiles? I don't think so.

    Both sides need to come together and end this useless debate. The mosque officials need to get off their high horse and offer some incentives to the community. The “bay people” need to purge themselves of the bigots and work to resolve the logistic issues.

    Enough already.

  49. Yes. They write the letter 🙂 And if the links there are not baseless, I will apploud them, even I am a liberal democrat

  50. “Your god is power, you have no shame”

    Hmm… She must be talking to herself. I, for one, am an Atheist.

    I need to go wash my ears…

  51. Again-a few simple questions need to be answered.

    Who is the unemployed guy who bought this property?

    Where did he come across $800K to make the purchase?

    Who backed him financially?

    Are any of these people American citizens? If not, how did they manage to commit this fraudulent transfer?

    Who will pay for the construction? Will it be within guidelines and building codes?

    Will the same parties find it in their budget to buy land to construct a parking lot? Or instead will their first act as neighbors be to take a torch to the value of the properties on their new neighbors?

    Answer thsoe questions, or be quiet. Because everything else you post is nonsense, gibberish and tripe.

  52. I believe, all the above questions have been answered.. If you missed them, then search on them, and you will find the answer. By the way, the answers were volunteered delivered, the opponents did not approach us like that, they are attacking and the result of the attack is always damaging.

    What is the point of repeating a nonsense questions over and over again.

  53. Dear Abu, if these questions are answered – great! Can you present the info ( who, when, where), so these tea Party people stop to create the noise and scare the normal people. Please provide the links…

  54. You don’t know who the buyer is, but you do know that he is unemployed.

    You don’t know where did he come across $800K, but you do know it was a fraudulent transfer.

    Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?
    Please show the source(s) for the above, or I get to call your post “nonsense, gibberish and tripe” right back at you.

  55. lol, oh I read. That somewhere, he is. Right… but I do not remeber,, let’s dig for it, these guys are. Really smart,, always people of right always smart ,,,
    Abu. I do not think we need such crap questions to be answered, go a head with your project, and let them eat,,,,,,,,
    Does anyone ask about the funds of the churches and what they are doing with thousands of dollars,, no

    Or these people who are asking have no clue what religion is,,, such ignorants and hatful pple,,

    Have a live and stop the business of hate,, it has no place in sheepshead bay,, stay or quitly leave the area,,

    Muslims are welcomed, and no need to show their fund, as long as they are non profit or pay taxes,,

  56. Agree 100%. Muslims are welcomed – this is a Constitution. Everybody welcome!
    All what we have to do – to explain the people that they are wrong with there hatred. We can not just call them racists! Let’s try to understand their feeling after 9/11 and Fort Hood. We have to work with them, treat them like little children.
    Prove them, that all the Tea Party Propaganda is baseless… How to do it? How to explain that all these Tea Party materials in this letter are wrong? How to handle this situation? How to make a piece? How to make people love each other? Where are the politicians? Let’s talk all together? Why they are hiding?
    Why nobody will take the ADL and Investigative to the court and prove they scare people and promote the hatred? Please advice.

  57. Aren't there many Churches and Synagogues built on residential blocks all over the city? I'm sure someone has photos to submit here as examples. As for the logistics issues here how many strong and endless debates have gone on when all the traffic complicating condo developments have gone up in Sheepshead Bay? The comparison between any efforts to stop them and the efforts to stop this building is phenomenal. The only reason for this debate is racism and fear mongering for the sake of some peoples power grab.

  58. enough already! just build the mosque and end this ridiculous debate. enjoy and uphold the liberties this great country of ours embraces.

  59. I find it scary that there are Brooklynites that belong to the Brooklyn Tea Party. I attended the first Tea Party Rally next to City Hall Park. It was sad that so many intelligent people could be so misguided. Their beef was with Wall Street, yet they complained against President Obama.

  60. Why did you scary? Do they violate anything? All what they want – to cut spending, avoid the debt, which our children are going to pay ( now the debt is $70,000 per family), promote the free market with REASONABLE regulations, stop bribes and corruption, make an immigration LEGAL, make the country RICH again, so we have enough money for police, teachers, medicaid, help disable people… The Tea Party is nothing to do with the Wall Street. The Wall Street sponsored politicians from both parties (how much money Goldman Sacks invested to the Obama's election campaign?) … The Tea Party is a MOVEMENT for the LIMITED GOVERNMENT and for THE PEOPLE without considering their race, religion and nationality! Open Your eyes! You think if you will take everything from the rich people and re-distribute is going to help! No! Because the rich people will stop to invest money in economy and create jobs. Country will go bankrupt! Where to get money from? To hire teachers, police officers, help old or disable people?
    But the PROPAGANDA called them racists…. You just mention the word “so many intelligent people' – yes, they know how to count money, they know what to do to make everybody rich ( not equally), you want everybody pure, but equally.

  61. We don't need limited government now, we need more of it. More regulations, more protections for those who are not part of the privileged class, more expenditure for restoring our infrastructure, programs to help those seriously affected by the current economic downturn, the list goes on and on. We learned in the last depression that balancing the budget hurt everyone. The party platforms in 1936 and 1940 were practically the same because of that recognition.

    Does the Tea Party consist of smart people? Hardly. Very short sighted ones? Definitely.

  62. Where do you want to get money from, Lisanne? Did you have a problem during the Ronald Reagan time? Talk to the people from Greece and former Soviet Union? They know what is this – more Government.

  63. You cannot compare the governments of Greece and the then Soviet Union to that of the United States. the systems are very different.

    It was a government that spent largely that changed laws so that more immigrants would come here. Making such provisions cost money. But it was done because it was the right thing to do.

    Smaller government did not happen during the Reagan administration. Taxes were lowered and the deficit grew every year. Clinton finally balanced the budget largely through better management.

  64. The key word – “better management”. I always vote for Clinton. Look at
    The Bush and Obama's administrations went so far with unnecessary spending…
    Another key word in your letter: ” finally balanced the budget”. Lisanne, we are on the same page!!! But it is impossible to balance budget thru the Big Government. Clinton did not do it! he was a great politician and knew how to count people's money. Bush and Obama – so far from the Clinton !!!!

  65. It's time to give up on the fallacy of Reaguns “trickle down” economics. Even Clinton went along with this crackpot idea due to the influence of his cronies from Wall Street. The idea that if you give the rich all kinds of tax breaks and deregulate the shady deals they engage in that they are suddenly going to generous to the rest of us and give us decent paying jobs is a lie. That's all it is, a trickle, nothing more if anything. The rich have been living on the sweat of our backs for too long. The money for programs to truly bring people to a level where they can support themselves must come from them. This nations infrastructure is falling apart because too few taxes are being collected from people who can afford it the most. Even Warren Buffet thinks he should pay more in taxes to support the whole of this country.

  66. If you think the rich care to create jobs I've a bridge that's not too far from here I will promise to lease you for $55 per day. The rich will buy condos which are primarily built by mexicans who may be trying to be citizens but that process is a long way off for most of them. The rich will not employ more people. Look what happens with the stock market/casino when a company announces huge layoffs. The stocks go up. They love to see others suffer while they bask in the lap of luxury. It is TIME for a redistribution of the wealth. It is no longer acceptable that 5 percent of the population should be allowed to possess a vast majority of Americas wealth. It is no longer acceptable that people lose their jobs and their lives while the CEO of a company such as Massey Energy gets $27 MILLION dollars in salary and bonuses. Where do you think their high salaries come from. If the workers were paid a wage that allowed them some financial security, regular meals and a sound roof over their heads these people wouldn't be able to make these disproportionate incomes. It's time that we halt the rich being able to buy the ends of other people's lives.

  67. OK. Now the country to have a trillions dollars debt. Where to get money from? Unions do not want to freeze salaries for the few years. City can not lay-off unproductive workers… Did you learn the math in school? If the negative balance – where to get money. Re-stribute what? Ok . You took all the money from the rich people, re-distributed ones. The rich people stoped to invest in businesses, close their factories, lay-off people and go to Florida for retirement…
    What's next. Who is going to build factories, make the profit, hire workers, pay taxes? Gov does not know how to run business and make money. gov just know how to take money from one group of people and re – distribute to another. But if nothing to re-distribute.
    What is the reason for me to invest my tome, my heart, my 24/7 nerves into the business with 10-12 people employeed, If I know the Gov will take all my money and give it to people like you? I will simply lay-off all the workers, close the door and start to look for a Gov job. Period. What's your next step to get somebody else's money? Talk to the people from the former Soviet Union… Do you think our Gov ( any Gov ) can create something except deficit? Do you think they can build factories, sell the bagels, create the TV shows and make profit out of it for re-distribution. Capitalism is very bad, but, as of today, nobody created the beter society. By the way, where do you work?

  68. BS Tea. The rich are already doing that. They're closing factories and laying off workers in the millions. They are not hiring and keeping any profits they have to themselves. Investors have been more interested in nebulous and high risk mortgage based derivatives. These derivatives play upon the debts and misery of homeowners who themselves have lost their jobs in this vicious cycle. In the 1950s and early 60s the top tax bracket was much higher and this country built the interstates, schools and a good number of other infrastructure projects. Now the highways, the railroads, the bridges are falling apart and a good solid education goes to those who can afford it. Corporations will not reduce the salaries of the top earners while claiming lower profits. They reduce the salaries, hours and jobs of the people on the lower ends of the pay scale.

    Take a good look at even quasi government agencies such as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. They have laid off 250 station agents. These are the workers who serve the passengers and provide a level of safety in the stations and platforms by their presence. Meanwhile over 200 executives of the MTA make over one hundred thousand dollars a year. Meanwhile the remaining agents are obligated to work overtime hours as a result of the staff shortage. How logical is that?

    I do not have enough work and in fact I'm one of those under employed people that fall between the cracks of unemployment statistics. This is the case because the last company I worked for on a full time basis at a decent pay rate decided that paying the oodles of vice presidents and all the other “top talent” was much more important than paying for my services and skills. I get by, just barely and where I work specifically is none of your business Tea. Unless you have a real job for me I wouldn't be interested in corresponding with you further. A lot of people have been forced to take wages and working conditions that are unacceptable. That's what the corporations and the rich have been seeking to engineer for a long time. They have transported jobs overseas to countries where the wages wouldn't buy a doghouse in this country much less a home. That is what they want to bring to this country: Third World Wages. The anti-union rhetoric is sickening. Your kind would see a return to sweat shops and company towns.

  69. Nobody anti-union. They just simply have to be reasonable. Unions and Gov workers. See attached
    Looks to me, this is more than fare… Private sector does not make this kind of money. The GOV workers do not produce anything – just control.
    Maybe instead of laying off the MTA workers ( booth attendants ) make sense to cut the wages of MTA and another GOV executives and cut the union benefits a little bit. We have to get money somewhere!!!
    Another think – hypothetical – let's get read of all rich people and get all their money. What's the next step?
    Another thing – why cost of the regular carpenter on the private job approx 40 – 50 dollars an hour ( good salary plus 401K plus medical – let's assume everybody make a fare wages), but on GOV / City / State projects – $84/hr cost (see the link)? Why? That is one of the way how our country got bankrupt.
    Let's do like that… cut the prevailing wage till $50 with benefits and the rest of the money to spend for the job creations, including your job. Thoughts?
    This is a construction field only. I am a carpenter in private company. make $28 / hr + 401K + medical for family. Total cost for company approx. $40/hr including everything. Some overtime. I am happy and can feed my family. The building next to my job-site belongs to the City. Carpenters have $84/hr ( total cost for the City, lest overhead and profit for company ). Can you please explain what is going on? And at the same time City lays – off the MTA booth clerks and teachers. What is going on? Construction union stronger then MTA or teachers unions? Special interests?
    By the way – my boss is a very reach person, he is a good businessman and treat the workers the best way. he does not need anybody for that. But he is really do not want to grow now. His feeling – this administration will take all his money anyway… He said: ” I'll invest more money in business after November 2010 or 2012 depends… “
    The main idea – free market and a lot of work around, so the “rich far capitalists” will fight to get a good workers… And salaries will be “fare” automatically. And country will be reach.
    Again: your thoughts?

  70. So painful to read, but past that, I can see the gist of your post and I agree. There is a lot of government waste in the salaries of the executives and managers. The execs and managers in the government are more concerned about giving themselves raises and keeping their high salaries, than they are about willing to keep theeir employees employed. Cops, teachers and etc. are getting cut left and right, while these execs, glorified pencil pushers in many cases, contribute nothing, while they gain everything. Many execs in the City's government alone are near the $200,000 mark. Just look at how many City agencies have deputy commissioners for each one (there's about 200 City agencies in total). A commissioner's starting salary alone is $150,000 for their first year, before any raises, and some of these commissioners are now in their 9th year after being appointed by Bloomberg. In fact the New York Times recently did some articles (along with Village Voice and Gothamist) questioning the hiring ethics of the City government, from the execs to interns.

  71. Yes. But prevailing wage for workers? Force companies to pay $84 – $100 (direct cost). Do they have too much money to spend? What about the deficit? How created these kind of instructions? Why they lay-off teachers, cut school programs, close police districts and firefighters stations and continue to waist money for nothing? Who do we have to blame for that, Mr. PayPaul? The reach people or our elected officials? You do not have a job, you – hardworking person! And somebody cost company for the City $84 / hr of your – taxpayer money. Who can explain me what is going on? If I am so stupid and do not understand anything – why you, Mr. PayPaul without work, the country is out of money, my boss is afraid to invest his money to extend the business (he were not afraid it during the Clinton – Bush period)? Do you know what is this “earmarks”? If not – please ask your elected officials. They will explain everything…

  72. I'm not Paul, just to clarify, but from what I've seen, most day workers for the city aren't even making $84 an hour (which comes out to $154,000/yr.) – so that's exaggerating. UNLESS those workers you see are contractors, in which case, yeah, there's abuse going on there, but that's nothing new. There's been enough reports by the union, DC37, and news outlets regarding the hiring of independent contractors who work for the City and are being paid outrageous salaries instead of what conventional pay goes for.

  73. Yes, the hiring of contractors (or consultants, as they are often called) is an outrageous expense that is eating our budgets. Much of the money is profit for the agency they contract through. These workers do not make $84 a hour.

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