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BITES EVENT: Cyclones To Host Sheepshead Bites Night, August 19 – Discounted Tickets!


Building on our three-year history of breaking news, engaging community and producing special events, Sheepshead Bites takes to the field of Southern Brooklyn’s premiere sports franchise to recognize the spirit that binds us as a community!

MCU Park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones, is dedicating their Friday, August 19 game against the Jamestown Jammers to Sheepshead Bites readers and the neighborhoods they live in.

(Click here and enter “BITES” to receive discounted field box seats, with a portion of every ticket sale going to support Sheepshead Bites!)

The event includes:

  • $12 field box seats (normally $16)
  • Pregame performance by a Sheepshead Bay-based group
  • A presentation honoring a local hero from Sheepshead Bay
  • One lucky reader will be chosen to throw the first pitch
  • Videos celebrating Sheepshead Bay will be played on the jumbotron
  • Dozens of Sheepshead Bites t-shirts – custom designed for the event – will be shot into the stands (we’ll be selling additional shirts at the event)
  • Fireworks after the game!

Support Sheepshead Bites by inviting your friends and family to join us and the Brooklyn Cyclones as we celebrate the greatest neighborhood in New York City: Sheepshead Bay. A portion of ticket sales purchased using our promo code goes to Sheepshead Bites’ freelance writer budget, giving us what we need to produce more original coverage for you to enjoy!


  • Where: MCU Park, Surf Avenue and West 17th Street in Coney Island
  • When: August 19 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Tickets: $12.00
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  1. I got my ticket I got my ticket! Girlfriend is travelling, so i’m a free man, free to shout obscenities at the ballplayers. Just kidding, I hate boorish behavior like that. I’ll instead yell obscenities at my fellow SheepsheadBayBite ticketholders. Nah, I’ll just be eating Carvel all-night, and trying to get a foul ball. I have foul ball nightmares, it all started when…..

       It’s 1963,1964, or 1965, I forget. Picture old Yankee Stadium with the huge vertical poles in the stands. Picture sitting down the right field line with dad.  Carl Yazstzremski, yes, THE Carl Yazstrzemski, hits a foul ball down the right field line. It’s heading right to us. Dad raises up to catch it, but darn it, it hits one of those huge poles and bounds away. I haven’t been the same since.

       So, if a foul ball is coming our way, I cannot be responsible for my actions. If you get punched in the back, knocked down, and hear “YAZ,YAZ, I GOT IT, I GOT IT”,  I apologize ahead of time.

  2. Can we get free tickets to tomorrow nights game since this one was cancelled due to rain?  Sat in my car for 2 hours but no game just rain.

  3. yeah, i stood for an hour under what little protection there was, in that crowd, then went home. At least I got earphones out of it. Wondering how I can use the rain ticket. Anyway, I got to see the famous Ned Berke. Geez, he’s just a kid. I got underwear older than him… 

  4. I think they have a “pick your own rain date” policy, where you can use the tickets you already have for another game. Just call ahead to double check.

  5. This is to both Anthony and Bruce (and anyone else with the question, I guess): You can use your ticket for any game until August 19, 2012. Call ahead to make sure it’s not sold out, and that’s all you have to do according to management.

    Now… Bruce… you came? You told me you couldn’t make it! I also would’ve expected you to introduce yourself. It would’ve been an honor to meet you.


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