Bite Of The Week: Classic Banh Mi At Hanco’s

hanco's banh mi
It’s been a few years now since Henry’s popped up a couple blocks down from Hanco’s on 7th Avenue, bringing us more Vietnamese food and a great feud. And while we definitely dig Henry’s bubble tea and have grabbed their banh mi — a traditional Vietnamese sandwich — in the past, we just keep going back to Hanco’s when we’ve got a hankering.

hanco's banh mi
Though Hanco’s classic banh mi is a bit more expensive than Henry’s — $6.75 compared to $6 — it seems like you get more for your money. The Hanco’s sandwich comes on a toasted baguette that is absolutely packed with roasted ground pork, pate, ham, and lightly pickled vegetables. The pork and a slathering of mayo help keep things juicy, but if you take it to go or get it delivered, the sandwich holds up, never getting too soggy.

If we’ve ever had a complaint about the Hanco’s version, it’s that they don’t seem to take us seriously when we say we’d like it “very spicy.” Bring on the jalapeños, guys, we can take it!

The banh mi is filling, but if you’re looking for a bit more, you can’t go wrong with their summer rolls — rice noodles, lettuce, and shrimp wrapped in rice paper that comes with peanut sauce — either.

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hanco's seating
Another plus for Hanco’s, of course, is the space in the restaurant. With lots of seating, it’s a good choice if you’re meeting a friend for lunch. And with free wifi, it’s a great spot for camping out with your computer if you’re looking for an alternative to a local coffee shop — you’ll just have to set up during off-peak hours, because it can get packed around lunch and dinner.

So what’s your pick — Hanco’s, Henry’s… or even someplace else?

Restaurant Rundown: HANCO’S
Where: 350 7th Avenue, at the corner of 10th Street
Delivery & Take-Out: 718-499-8081 or Seamless
Hours: 11:30am-9pm daily
Reservations: No
Outdoor Seating: No.
Free Wifi: Yes. You’ll do better at off-peak hours (avoid lunch and dinner hours), and there are a good number of outlets.
Best Bites: The classic banh mi ($6.75) is delicious and filling, but if you want it really spicy, be prepared to add some extra sriracha yourself. Summer rolls ($5.25) are fresh and tasty as well, and if you really want to push it over the edge, grab a bubble tea ($4-4.50).

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