Bite Of The Day: Stay-At-Home Breakfast From George's Restaurant

Bite Of The Day: Stay-At-Home Breakfast From George's Restaurant
george's breakfast belgian waffle

Seems like most of the time when somebody brings up George’s Restaurant (753 Coney Island Avenue between Cortelyou and Dorchester Roads, 718-282-0152), it’s with some nostalgia for how good it used to be, if not full-out disdain for its current state–but to be honest, we’ve never really understood the big deal.

Sure it’s not Michelin-caliber, but the food, to us, is solid diner food–know what you’re getting yourself into and don’t order the lobster or something similarly extravagant, and it’s a convenient, satisfying standby for late nights, delivery, and when you’re not carrying cash.

george's breakfast steak and eggs

With that in mind, we used yesterday’s flurries as an excuse to stay indoors for breakfast–and instead of cold cereal, ordered some nice warm steak and eggs and a Belgian waffle.

The waffle ($4.95) was huge but light, and sufficiently shamefully indulgent with Junior’s cheesecake-esque strawberry filling ($1.80) on top. Blueberry is also an option, or the waffle can be served as “deluxe,” “super deluxe,” or as an ice cream sundae (though, that’s maybe not the best for delivery).

The steak and eggs ($9.95) were ordered over easy and medium rare, and we were pleasantly surprised to see the meat was actually cooked as requested. Again, not because we’ve had negative experiences at George’s, since we haven’t–we’ve just come to accept that most diners pretty much have one cook setting. The meat was cut into thin, tender strips and picked up some nice peppery flavor from the home fries we ordered, too.

Overall, we were pleased with the “snow day” meal–and with winter ahead of us, we see more and more (at least) weekend delivery in the future–but give us your input. What have your experiences been at the longtime restaurant that often gets a bad rap, and do you have memories of how it once was? What’s your favorite dish there, or what lazy day breakfast delivery would you recommend instead?


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