Bite Of The Day: Four & Twenty Blackbirds Buttermilk Chess Pie From Lark

Bite Of The Day: Four & Twenty Blackbirds Buttermilk Chess Pie From Lark
pie from lark

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so we thought an appropriate Bite of the Day might be one you could order and enjoy for the holiday. This time around, that happens to be one of Lark‘s pies from Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

We tried the Buttermilk Chess pie today ($5.17 per slice)–“butter” being the key word, as in all the successfully-delicious pies we’ve ever tried. The crust was flaky and shining with the stuff, and the filling had a beautiful, thick texture (don’t get caught without something to wash it down) that was just a little tangy and the teensiest bit crumbly. Overall, a lovely holiday dessert if you haven’t already stuffed yourself too full with turkey.

Lark will be offering Thanksgiving pies from Four and Twenty Blackbirds to pick up at the cafe (1007 Church Avenue between E 10th Street and Stratford Road) this holiday, so stop in and let them know which kind you’d like.

Update 11/22: Lark has confirmed that Four and Twenty Blackbirds can no longer take Thanksgiving orders. However, you can still pick up pie by the slice at Lark, or try your luck at the Four and Twenty Blackbirds storefront (439 Third Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets) on Tuesday, November 26, Wednesday, November 27, or Thursday, November 28 starting at 8am. Get there early, though!


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