Bite Of The Day: Blueberry-Peach Popsicle From People’s Pops

Bite Of The Day: Blueberry-Peach Popsicle From People’s Pops
Blueberry-Peach Popsicle From People's Pops

With temperatures set to hit above 90 degrees again today, we’re officially in a heat wave. Which means having a popsicle for lunch is completely justified. The blueberry-yellow-peach ice pop from People’s Pops ($3.50) is a good choice — not too sweet, and with actual blueberries dotted throughout, so it almost feels like you’re just eating straight fruit.

People's Pops Menu

Their rotating, seasonal menu also features ice pop flavors nectarine orange blossom, strawberry rhubarb, and double plum sour cherry this week.

As for the shaved ice ($2.50), it’s actually what we had hoped to get the other day when we ended up with a popsicle, because the red plum was so tempting. However, it turns out that sometimes the ice can just be too hard. Watching the petite woman behind the counter try to get some usable shavings from a giant, solid block that ended up snapping in half, it seemed understandable that it just wasn’t going to happen, but was a bit disappointing even so.

People's Pops

People’s Pops is hopping on hot days at its location at 808 Union Street, just off of 7th Avenue, though you can also find the pops in the area at Union Market locations. Keep in mind that the shop is cash only (though there are banks nearby on 7th, as well as ATMs). There are a few seats inside, including some shorter ones for the younger set, but it can get crowded quickly. If you take your pop or ice to go, don’t forget to grab a bunch of napkins!