Bite Of The Day: Tres Leches Cake From La Nueva Union Bakery

Bite Of The Day: Tres Leches Cake From La Nueva Union Bakery
La Nueva Union Bakery

With Easter just around the corner, bakeries have been on our mind even more than usual. And while John’s and Nine Chains have closed up shop, there are still a number of places in our area where sugar and butter reign supreme!

We decided to head over to one such spot — La Nueva Union Bakery (1114 Cortelyou Road between Westminster and Stratford Roads) — last night to eat something we haven’t had in a long time, tres leches cake.

La Nueva Union cake
La Nueva Union cakes 2

As we stood beneath the colorful sea of red, orange and yellow streamers descending from the piñata-filled ceiling, we stared at the display case before us — a veritable feast of cakes decked out in strawberries and peaches, ornate frosting, and perfectly dribbled chocolate.

La Nueva Union front window
La Nueva Union bakery baskets

We had come in for a slice of cake, but, all of a sudden we were wondering if we were not meant to take home a cake. No, wait, all the cakes.

La Nueva Union cakes

In the end, we decided to compromise and try three single slices of tres leches cake (which are made with, you guessed it, three kinds of milk: evaporated, condensed and heavy cream) — one strawberry, another pineapple, and one coffee and walnuts, for a total of $7.50. While we soon went into a sugar coma and couldn’t finish all of them, we did eat some of each before squirreling them away in the fridge for another frosting-filled time.

La Nueva Union tres leches cake

And they are just as delicious as they look! Each slice was pretty similar, with a perfect hint of strawberry, pineapple and coffee tastes that don’t overpower the moist cake itself. Our favorite was probably the coffee and walnuts slice, with the nuts and coffee taste being drool-worthy counterparts to the cake and frosting.

Where do you all go when you’re craving a world of baked goods in our neighborhood?

La Nueva Union Bakery is located at 1114 Cortelyou Road between Westminster and Stratford Roads. The bakery is open from 8am-9pm daily and can be reached by calling (718) 284-7218.