Bite Of The Day: The Alice’s Arbor “Alice’s Sister” Sandwich

Bite Of The Day: The Alice’s Arbor “Alice’s Sister” Sandwich
sandwich from alice's arbor

If we had to choose a favorite holiday–at least in its modern iteration and not considering what may be its rather unsavory past–we’d be pretty stuck between Halloween and Thanksgiving. As for the food associated with each, we’re not above candy by any means–it’s just, it takes so little time to end up with a stomach and/or toothache from the stuff! Not the case with Thanksgiving, when the grub is just as tasty as leftovers as it was during the big meal.

Since not every day of the year is the fourth Thursday of November, though, we find other ways to get our fix. One area option is at Alice’s Arbor (549 Classon Avenue between Fulton Street and Putnam Avenue), whose Alice’s Sister sandwich ($7) offers some of the holiday’s deliciousness even in October.

Served on a baguette, the Alice’s Sister teams tomato, lettuce, and gruyere cheese with layers of turkey and a slathering of cranberry aioli. The combination of crusty bread, smoky meat, pungent cheese, and sweet mayo–oh, and the excellent sweet pickle served on the side–makes for a meal that’s one part holiday reminiscent and one part unpretentious New York deli-style greatness. The Sister sandwich can also be served on gluten-free bread, or as a combination with soup.

Can’t wait for Thanksgiving either? Stop into Alice’s Arbor, where you can enjoy their full (multiple) food menus, coffee and teas, beer and wine, and WiFi during opening hours for breakfast and lunch, brunch, and dinner.