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Bishop Ford Community Rallies To Save High School


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Administrators and current and alumni students of 19th Street’s Bishop Ford High School, which is set to close its doors at the end of the current school year, refuse to let their beloved alma mater go down without a fight.

“Throughout its 50+ year tenure as a well-known Brooklyn Catholic high school,” wrote alumnus Samantha Slavin, who created a petition to keep Bishop Ford open, “it has produced smart and capable young men and women who are loyal to their school years after graduation.

“Friends and families were built in those halls,” she continued, “and sharp young minds honed for the future in every classroom. Please, let’s work together to keep these Falcons flying high!”

To date, the petition has collected over 2,000 signatures.

Current Bishop Ford students marched to the Brooklyn Catholic Diocese on April 16 in an effort to raise awareness of the school’s plight. A larger rally, organized by Bishop Ford alumni, is planned for April 28.

“We are not only fighting for the school who we all have great memories from,” noted a recent post on the Bishop Ford Facebook page. “We are not only fighting for our outstanding students! We are fighting for the faculty members who GAVE us those memories, who HELPED us with our road into life, who would do anything for us!

“It is our time to come together,” the post continued, “and do whatever it takes to save our school!”

The Rally to Save Bishop Ford will take place at 1pm on Monday, April 28, in front of the high school (500 19th Street, between Prospect Park West and 10th Avenue). Organizers are asking supporters to begin gathering around noon with banners, signs, t-shirts, kazoos, and any other outlets they can come up with to vocally, but peacefully, let the school’s board of directors know that it’s going to take more than an open letter to bring down the Bishop Ford Falcons.

For updated rally information, be sure to visit the Save Bishop Ford Facebook page.

Image via Bishop Ford High School

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