Bill de Blasio Wants Grimm Records Released

Bill de Blasio (from

The latest chapter in the saga of reputed hot head Republican Congressman Michael Grimm has NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio entering the fray. De Blasio is requesting both the NYPD and US Justice Department “release all records” concerning the 1999 night club incident that has made headlines this week. After a run in with his date’s estranged husband at a Caribbean night club in Brooklyn, Grimm, an FBI agent at the time, allegedly lost his temper and abused his law enforcement authority by illegally detaining and taunting patrons and staff. YNN website quotes de Blasio as saying the charges are “too troubling to ignore.” The report also mentions that de Blasio, a Democrat, is considering running for mayor in 2013.

Is YNN hinting at the possibility that de Blasio might actually be using this situation as a career opportunity? That he could just be piggybacking onto a popular news story in order to gain media attention before campaigning for higher office? I’m shocked, shocked I say! de Blasio: Release Public Records of Grimm Nightclub Incident


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