Bill Clarifying Muni-Meter Paid Parking Roll-Over Introduced

Muni-Meter Initiative
Less tickets with roll-over parking minutes

Brooklyn drivers may finally get a reprieve from parking tickets with a bill aimed at clarifying the issue of roll-over paid minutes at muni-meter spots, something that local Assemblyman William Colton has been working towards for some time.

The bill states that drivers who purchase time from a muni-meter parking spot can keep the receipt and use remaining time on another muni-meter spot in the city. The transferred receipt must be for spaces that are equal or lesser value than the original paid spot.

Colton attempted to introduce  similar legislation in February but it did not go far because the City Council wanted a crack at leading the initiative.

Residents had already thought that roll-over minutes were allowed, but received parking tickets when they attempted to use leftover minutes, as previously reported by the Bensonhurst Bean.

The bill has the backing of Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Mayor Bloomberg. Quinn told the NY Post that the bill is “plain and simple. You buy the time, you get to use it.”

Colton said that he’s “pleased the council is finally responding to concerns many of my constituents have been raising for some time.”