Bike Coach Eddie Carmona Helps Adults Get Rolling

Bike Coach Eddie Carmona Helps Adults Get Rolling

This could be you!

There are some things one cannot do past puberty. You cannot be a musical prodigy. You cannot launch your career as an Olympic-level gymnast. Speaking another language with absolutely no accent is going to tough. But learning to ride a bike? That, promises bike guru Eddie Carmona, is something you can do.

As the borough’s only adult-focused “independent cycling instructor,” Carmona is devoted to getting “two-wheel-challenged” adults peddling with confidence.

“Kids are easy but it’s really mental for adults — they have a lot of fear,” he told the Brooklyn Paper. “I work on the mind first.”

Ready to get peddling? Carmona doesn’t have a website or a storefront, but he does work part-time as a mechanic at Dixon’s Bike Shop, so swinging by the store might be the place to start. Private lessons are $25/hr, and generally take place in Prospect Park.