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BIG Barrison Nominated For Do Gooder's Award


The Brooklyn Community Foundation launched online voting on Friday for its first ever Brooklyn Do Gooders award, and Steve Barrison is the only resident we know of to be nominated.

Here’s Barrison’s blurb:

Why you should vote for Steve Barrison

Steve Barrison is an advocate for many communities and businesses in NY City, but his passion is for the preservation and reasonable development for his home community of Sheepshead Bay. As President of BIG, Steve has organized the annual Sheeshead Bay Festival (BayFest) on Emmons Ave for the last 19 years. Additionally, Steve coordinates the maintainence of 3 sites in Sheepshead Bay, under the adopt a Highway program. He also organizes a toy drive for hospitalized children every year during the winter holidays. This has been his passion for over 25 years, and many times through his own out of pocket expense. On a final note, every year Steve organizes a dinner to recognize other community leaders such as politicians, firemen, policemen, and neighborhood merchants that have had a positive influence on the community.

Community Impact

Steve’s major issue is concerned with the over development of Sheepshead Bay. Mainly the out of character condos and retail buildings. He is also deeply concerned over the loss of municipal parking, on street parking, and the reduction of traffic lanes throughout the city. As well as defending small businesses such as the MOM & POP stores, he is a staunch opponent in the placement of Big Box retail chains, such as Walmart, in communities that would end up losing the small businesses and the jobs that go with them. Another concern is when local merchants want local government to do their bidding at the expense of community neighbors. Steve will be there to fight for the little people. And as mentioned, he does this not only in his neighborhood, but throughout the City. He recently went to bat for the small businesses that line the streets of Flushing Queens, near Citi Field. People that have run businesses for countless years that could lose everything to Big Name Corporate Developers.

You can vote for Steve Barrison by visiting the Do Gooder’s website.

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  1. Ned, Thanks for posting this. That was my nomination for Steve Barrison. I think he is highly deserving of this award for the countless hours he devotes to our community. I seriously wish that all your viewers would take the time to register and submit their votes (5 per day) for him. To show his unselfishness, Steve has told me that he intends to put the prize money back into the community groups that he represents, and not into his own pockets.

  2. Barrison doesnt follow thru on a lot of what he speaks about. When he hits a wall of opposition that will slow progress he gives up and tells the public how to do it, knowing they will fail. Several co-ops in the bay have had problems that he promised to fix, only to walk away giving board members a pep talk but no solution to the problem. Helen Weinstein is the same way.

  3. Sometimes problems refuse to be fixed, and he’s not an elected official, so all he can do is attempt persuasion in many cases. That doesn’t always succeed, so the next step is up to those personally and directly affected. But he’s been out there trying to do something in situations that are often impossible. and very often he’s the only one making that effort. He deserves credit not only for what he’s done, but for sometimes being the only voice heard on our behalf.

  4. He has been out there, giving his time selflessly for the community for the last 25 years or more. What have you done, except criticize?


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