Bicycle And Car Collide At Ocean Parkway And Cortelyou Road

Bicycle And Car Collide At Ocean Parkway And Cortelyou Road
Ocean Parkway Cortelyou bicycle accident

A bicyclist and a car collided with one another on Ocean Parkway and Cortelyou Road yesterday evening, though fortunately no one was injured, according to the FDNY.

Fire officials said they received a call about the accident at 6:57 pm Wednesday evening. The FDNY had no further information about the cause of the accident.

Ocean Parkway has long been a notoriously dangerous road for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers, and Ocean and Church Avenue was recently named one of the worst intersections for pedestrians in the city. State officials are currently studying Ocean Parkway in an attempt to make the roadway safer, with DOT representatives floating such ideas as creating mid-block crossings to implementing speed display boards to address the myriad safety issues.

According to the most recent statistics from the city, there were five accidents involving bicycles and vehicles at Ocean Parkway and Cortelyou Road in May. Eleven people were involved, and one person was injured. The accidents involved passenger vehicles and one sports utility vehicle.

There were six collisions between bicyclists and vehicles at Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway in May. Twelve people were involved in the accidents, and there were no reported injuries, according to the same statistics.

The city also reported that in May there were four accidents at Beverley Road and Ocean Parkway, and five collisions at Ditmas Avenue and Ocean Parkway. No people were injured at Beverley and Ocean, and there was one injury reported at Ditmas and Ocean.

What have your experiences been on Ocean Parkway – as a bicyclist, pedestrian, or driver? What do you think needs to be done to make it safer?

Thanks to neighbor Je Suis for sending us the photo of yesterday’s accident. We are relieved to hear no one was seriously hurt.


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