Biaggi and Salazar Endorse Lander for Comptroller

Biaggi and Salazar Endorse Lander for Comptroller
Brad Lander speaking at the 9th Street Vision Zero Redesign walkthrough (Photo: Nathan Haselby)

New York Senators Alessandra Biaggi and Julia Salazar announced their support for Councilmember Brad Lander from Park Slope in his race for the seat of the City’s Comptroller in 2021. Current Comptroller Scott Stringer is running for Mayor.

Lander is wrapping up his third term as councilmember for Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Gowanus, Kensington and the northern bits of Borough Park  – he’s been representing the area since 2010. Lander is a progressive democrat, with a background in community organizing and city planning. Before running for his current council seat, he led the 5th Avenue Committee, fighting to bring more affordable housing to the city.

Recently he’s been in the news for his push to get reckless drivers off our streets and work to end segregation in New York City’s schools, but he also brought Participatory Budgeting to New York, giving residents more of a say on how the city spends its money.

He is one of the founders of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus in 2010 and backed both Biaggi and Salazar in their 2018 senate races.

“Brad was there early and often in our fight to sink the IDC and take back the State Senate, and has been a strong partner in the work for tenants rights, climate action, and sustainability,” said Senator Alessandra Biaggi, D-34, in the announcement. “Brad will bring compassion and deep experience to the work of ensuring that our city is prepared to weather the climate crisis, invest its resources wisely, and serve all New Yorkers.”

“As an organizer working on the police accountability campaign to pass the Right to Know Act, I had the opportunity of seeing Brad’s dedication to working with community members to bring about real change up close. He stood with us unequivocally, earnestly and with integrity. I appreciated that as an advocate, but I appreciate it even more now as an elected official,” said Senator Julia Salazar, D-18, in the statement. “Brad really models what an elected official should be: someone who brings as many voices as possible into a room. I trust Brad to wisely guard the resources of our city, and to use them democratically. To not just be the chief financial officer, but the chief accountability officer,”

“I’m so grateful for their support and proud to be their partner as we work to bring our shared values of a more just, sustainable, and equal city to the office of the NYC Comptroller,” said Brad Lander.