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Beyonce Rides The Cyclone, Causes Woman To Cry

Beyonce On the Cyclone (Source: Coney Island Facebook page)
Beyonce On the Cyclone (Source: Coney Island Facebook page)

Superstar singer Beyonce made waves in Coney Island yesterday, riding the Cyclone roller coaster as part of a new music video. While Beyonce’s presence caused joy for most fans in the area, one woman was left in tears, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Beyonce’s new music video was directed by famed ‘creepy’ fashion photographer Terry Richardson, a controversial artist known for creating unsettling over-sexualized situations during his shoots. This portion of Beyonce’s newest video was a much more wholesome affair, featuring the singer happily riding the Cyclone with other thrilled extras and also hopping on the iconic Wonder Wheel for a spin. In pictures published by the Daily News, Beyonce was all smiles, soaking in the attention of her fans and seeming to genuinely enjoy the fun of the attractions.

Not everyone was overjoyed by the singer’s presence, however. The Daily Mail found a woman in tears after being stuck on the Wonder Wheel for a half hour while ride operators suspended the contraption so Beyonce’s makeup could be touched up. Apparently, the operators assumed they had cleared out all other riders and  forgot that one couple was still suspended in a pod. When they realized that another couple had been hovering for a half hour, operators let them off, revealing that the woman had been visibly shaken and crying out of fear. Beyonce was reportedly unaware of the couple’s distress.

Of course, there are worse rides to be stuck on than the Wonder Wheel, especially considering that it was only for 30 minutes. Still, operators caught up in attending to the needs of a superstar need to do their jobs and realize that they can’t keep people trapped in the sky, but that goes without saying. It is also worth noting that the distressed woman hurried off the scene quickly, seeking no publicity or attention, that is, until the inevitable lawsuit comes out in a few weeks.

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  1. Another exciting day in Coney Island, as Beyonce visited and rode Deno’s Wonder Wheel. The paparazzi and media excitement which follows celebrity caused a slight delay while the amusement park ride operators secured the entrance and exit areas. Normal wait times for guests on the Wonder Wheel is 5 minutes, and due to the extra press following Beyonce, the wait time extended to 8 minutes. The Park operators and owners apologize for the extra 3 minute delay for those riding the Wonder Wheel, while the entrance area was being secured of cameras and photographers who might interrupt the safe operation of the ride. Rider safety and providing safe family friendly entertainment is the hallmark and cornerstone of Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. Preliminary reports of a 30 minute delay are 100% inaccurate, as Park security reviewed the in-Park security camera videotape. There is magic enough in Coney Island, for all, See you on the rides.

  2. I’ve heard a rumor that the Wonder Wheel prides itself on NEVER having had a single accident in its entire history. Uh oh, does this break that record? Nah. There’s no crying in Coney Island! Deno says the story is bull, and I’ve been going on the WW for longer than I’ve been living here, it’s probably 49 years ago I first went on it, so I’m going with Deno, who runs a great little amusement area there. I love the feel of the little alley by the WW, it feels like OLD Coney Island, don’t ever change that, Deno. Screw celebrities, exploiting CI, like Beyonce and other such super celebs would ever come back there just to hang out. CI is for REAL people.

  3. Beyoncé can sing? Beyoncé has talent? Without all those tricks of the trade in music and without all her backup, SHE IS ANOTHER NO TALENT BIMBO!!!!!!!!!!


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