Beware: Leaning Trees Could Be A Danger

Courtesy of nolastname

Last weekend’s nor’easter massacred scores of trees throughout South Brooklyn, but a number of trees still standing pose a risk to neighbors.

This tree, on East 27th Street between Avenue Y and Avenue Z, could be a victim in the next big storm. The gap around the base of the trunk from the soil around it shows that the tree is starting to lean. It could be weakened from the storm or just a subject of time and erosion. Either way, this is an indicator or which trees may fall in the future, so look out for them.

But what can you do? We’ve contacted Parks Department officials and are waiting for an answer to that. But for now, I’d suggest reporting them to 311 – and take down your reference numbers. If a tree falls on your home, car, body, friend, dog, BBQ grill, garden gnome, or (god forbid) satellite dish, a record of your complaint could be very useful in case of a lawsuit.