Best Sandwiches In Sheepshead Bay?


Serious Eats included both Roll-N-Roaster’s (2901 Emmons Avenue) and Brennan & Carr’s (3432 Nostrand Avenue) roast beef sandwiches in their roundup of the city’s 26 best sandwiches.

Our reaction? Duh.

For years, the duo have been duking it out for the title of Best Roast Beef Sandwich, and are regularly highlighted as amongst the top in the city.

But I’m getting tired of it. Serious Eats’ list was created for that holiest of holidays: National Sandwich Day. Having two local places included in the list is an honor – no doubt – but I want to start hearing about Sheepshead Bay’s other great sandwiches.

How about a hot sub from Bassett Deli (1404 Avenue X)? A lamb gyro from Anatolian Gyro Restaurant (1605 Sheepshead Bay Road)? A chicken sandwich on a sweet bun from one of the Chinese bakeries?

How ’bout a new place, one no one’s heard about, your secret go-to joint during a lunch break?

National Sandwich Day may have passed, but help us make a belated list of the must-try sandwiches in Sheepshead Bay. Where do you eat?