The Best Places for Iced Coffee in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill

Where's your favorite place for iced coffee in the neighborhood? (Photo by Emily Field)
Where’s your favorite place for iced coffee in the neighborhood? (Photo by Emily Field)

It might be on the cooler side this week, but as we head into the muggy summer months the thought of sipping a hot cup of coffee grows distinctly less appealing. Stay cool and caffeinated this summer with our top five places for iced coffee in the neighborhood.

  1. Bittersweet, 180 DeKalb Avenue. Hands down, Bittersweet serves the best cold brew coffee in Fort Greene. There isn’t much room to sit inside, but who wants to be indoors when Fort Greene Park is across the street? The only downside: Bittersweet is cash-only.
  2. Red Lantern Bicycles, 345 Myrtle Avenue. The bike shop/coffee house/bar makes its own flavored non-dairy milks. Choose from a daily selection of sunflower, almond, hazelnut, Brazil nut, cashew, walnut, hemp and pumpkin milks for an additional $1.50.
  3. Greene Avenue Market, 17 Greene Avenue. The iced coffee is a bargain for only $2. More importantly, if you happen to be a caffeine-deprived klutz and spill a full cup of coffee all over the counter, the clerk will cheerfully help you wipe it up and get you a free refill.
  4. Urban Vintage, 294 Grand Avenue. The cafe on the corner of Grand Avenue and Clifton Place serves a delicious iced coffee, brewed from locally roasted beans. Its spacious, yet cozy interior offers plenty of table space for laptop warriors looking for a place to work.
  5. WTF Coffee Lab, 47 Willoughby Avenue. WTF Coffee Lab offers a dizzying assortment of brewing methods and beans, but its cold brewing display on the wall lets you see exactly how your coffee is made. Pretty nifty.

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