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Best Neighborhood Coffee Shops To Work In

Photo by Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Ditmas Park Corner

Working from home can be tough sometimes for even the most determined. There are just so many distractions: dishes need to be washed, the TV is right there, or how about a quick afternoon nap? To avoid procrastinating, we often have to pack up our laptop and head out to a coffee shop where we can grab a pick-me-up and hopefully work with fewer diversions.

Luckily, there are a bunch of great spots in the neighborhood where we can get some work done, so depending on our mood we have plenty of options. Here are some of our favorite places to work. Let us know what you think!

Milk & Honey (Photo by Shannon Geis / Ditmas Park Corner)
Milk & Honey (Photo by Shannon Geis / Ditmas Park Corner)

Milk & Honey
1119 Newkirk Avenue
We love working at Milk & Honey because our office doesn’t have nearly enough natural light and the high ceilings and big windows in the cafe brighten up the whole space. Milk & Honey also has a great selection of pastries, breakfast dishes, sandwiches and flatbreads so we are happy to stay and work for a while. However, there are not a lot of outlets available (just along the wall near the entrance), so if you need your laptop, make sure its full charged. The corner shop also can get pretty crowded during the day, and they frown on laptops on the weekends.
Open from 7am-9pm daily. 

Cheddar chive sandwiches at Cafe Madeline. (Photo by Ditmas Park Corner)
Cheddar chive biscuit sandwiches at Cafe Madeline. (Photo by Ditmas Park Corner)

Cafe Madeline
1603 Cortelyou Road
Cafe Madeline is another go-to spot to get work done. The baristas are friendly and they have delicious selection of breakfast sandwiches. The spot is just a block from the subway so it can get pretty crowded but the back room usually has a bit of space and tends to attract others who are there to work, so there’s definitely some camaraderie. Plus there are a decent number of outlets, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery.
Open daily 7am-8pm.

Lark Cafe (Photo via Lark Cafe)
Lark Cafe (Photo via Lark Cafe)

1007 Church Avenue
LARK Cafe is another favorite spot. It isn’t the biggest cafe, but it has a generous number of outlets and is usually a bit quieter than some of the other locations on the list. The biggest draw for us though is the food. LARK serves both Brancaccio’s sandwiches and Four & Twenty Blackbirds pies, not to mention beer and wine. Plus there are plenty of community activities for you to join in once your work is done.
Open Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 7pm.

Kettle & Thread (Photo by Ditmas Park Corner)
Kettle & Thread (Photo by Ditmas Park Corner)

Kettle & Thread
1219 Church Avenue
Kettle & Thread just opened this summer, but it has quickly become one of our favorite places to work. There is a lot of space and a lot of outlets, and it is usually pretty quiet, but our favorite feature is the beautiful backyard and with the unseasonably warm weather recently, we plan to use it as much as we can. You can also grab pastries, sandwiches, salads, soups along with your coffee. And we’ve heard that they are starting to serve homemade pies as well!
Open daily from 10am-9pm. 

inside qathra cafe in ditmas park
Qathra (Photo by Mary Bakija / Ditmas Park Corner)

1112 Cortelyou Road
Milk & Honey’s sister shop Qathra is another great spot in the neighborhood. The cafe was recently renovated and now has an beautiful open kitchen, which has created more seating along the bar. There are a decent number of outlets and it’s usually pretty quiet. The menu is similar to Milk & Honey, with many of our favorite treats being served at both. The biggest plus is the outdoor space, which we love to sit in during the summer, though we’re not sure how much work we actually get done back there.
Open daily from 7am-7pm. 

Where are your favorite spots to get some work done? Did we miss any? Let us know what you think!

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  1. Coffee Mob seems like an unlikely spot but it’s closer to me than any of the other spots, has good wifi and better coffee, and the people are friendly to the laptop-toting. As an escape hatch from home, it does the trick.

  2. agreed, and thank you for you kind words, we have a lot of regulars who come in to work.
    I’m not sure why Coffee Mob was not included in this list…..

  3. I would have preferred my coffee shop to have been left off this list; it’s crowded enough as it is.

  4. Well, it is pretty small. You’re my favorite local coffee shop, but it only takes like five people before it’s full. But don’t worry – it doesn’t stop me from buying coffee and snacks to go.

  5. there are some GREAT cafe’s in DP. But they are too often spoiled by the grumpy, beanie-hatted service. Ugh. Someone should start a ‘Grumpy barista’ scale. Fuck it – here goes: ( 7 = least grumpy, 1 = most grumpy):

    7. Lark
    6. Connecticut Muffin
    5. Coffee Mob
    4. Madeline
    3. Qathra
    2. Elk (ok it’s not in DP but sort of is)
    1. Milk and Honey

    I can’t rate Catskill Bagels because they are so clueless. Bless them. It wouldn’t be fair.

  6. Funny, I’ve always found the Lark barristas to be the most grumpy, and the Coffee Mob people to be the least so.


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