Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct Leads Brooklyn In Crime Reduction

The latest CompStat report. Click to enlarge.

It looks like Bensonhurst is still crazy safe.

A recent CompStat report shows a more than six percent reduction in year-to-date crime from the same period last year. The report detailed a 10 percent decrease in rapes and an outstanding 71 percent reduction in murders – unfortunately, not the same can be said about some of our neighboring communities.

“As of now [the 62nd precinct] leads the borough in crime reduction,” Deputy Inspector James J. Rooney stated at a recent meeting of Community Board 11. “One area we’re very proud of, we’re down 24 percent in burglaries, a crime that has plagued this community for a long time. A lot of work went into that reduction.”

Rooney added that not all numbers are down. Felonious assault continues to be a problem, up 23.6 percent for the year, according to CrimeStat figures. That’s largely due to injuries to police officers and an increase in domestic violence incidents, Rooney said.

The 62nd Precinct is deploying resources to tackle the uptick.

“We added two members of the service to investigate and visit victims of domestic violence, and we hope to turn that trend real soon.”

In other good news out of the precinct, Rooney said they’re reinitiating their annual award’s ceremony for officers who showed distinguished service. The ceremony has not been held in several years, but will take place this Saturday, November 19 at 10 a.m., and the entire community is invited. For details, call the precinct’s Community Affairs Unit at (718) 236-2501.

Historical comparisons of the CompStat statistics. Click to enlarge.