Bensonhurst Weekend Subway Update – July 9-10

Bensonhurst Weekend Subway Alert is a weekly look at the diversions affecting travel on the D-, F-, and N-lines through Bensonhurst and the rest of Brooklyn on the way to Manhattan. For information on diversions on other lines or beyond Brooklyn, refer to or Subway Weekender. Information is provided by the MTA and is current at the time of publication, but is subject to change.

The subway disruptions for July 9-10 begin Friday night at midnight and continue through Monday at 5am, unless otherwise noted.

Affected train Weekend service disruption
  • Coney Island-bound D trains run on the N line from 36th Street to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue (express during the day) due to structural repair/station rehabilitations from 71st Street to Bay 50th Street and ADA work at Bay Parkway.
  • For travel to affected stations, continue on your Coney-bound D-train to either New Utrecht Ave-62nd Street or Coney Island-Stillwell Ave and backtrack to your destination on a Manhattan-bound D-train.
  • What not to do: hop off the D-train at 36th Street when the conductor announces the service change and wait for the train that goes down your line. That won’t help you – it isn’t coming. You know who those people are. They’re the ones who didn’t read Bensonhurst Weekend Subway Update.
  • For travel from affected stations, take the Manhattan-bound D-train to New Utrecht Ave-62nd Street or 36th Street and backtrack on the Coney Island-bound D- or N-train.
  • F-trains in both directions skip Smith-9th Sts due to the Culver Viaduct Rehabilitation Project (all times pretty much forever).
  • Red Hook is overrated, anyway.
  • Manhattan-bound F-trains run on the A-line from Jay Street (Brooklyn) to West 4th Street (Manhattan) due to work on the Broadway/Lafayette-to-Bleecker Street transfer connection.
  • N-trains will run on the local track under 4th Avenue – from DeKalb Avenue to 59th Street. (6:30am-10pm both Saturday and Sunday)
  • From the Department of Who Writes This Crap, Anyway: I don’t understand why the MTA feels the need to imply express service is restored at 10pm, since we all know the N-train goes local overnight, anyway. But here I am, totally enabling them.


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